Love, Katie Distilling Brings Spirits to Sharpsburg

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on June 27, 2024.

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Sharpsburg-based Love, Katie Distilling may not occupy the largest space by distillery standards, but it packs a punch with its beautiful decor, large spirits portfolio, and even larger cocktail menu.

This one is a love letter through and through, and not just in the name. As a woman and LGBT-owned business, Katie dedicates the space to her partner and opens it up to all those looking for a good space full of love!

So, with great anticipation, we visited the distillery to check out a spread of their cocktails.

A Massive Menu at Love, Katie Distilling

Love, Citrus and Watermelon Refresco from Love Katie Distilling

The first thing you'll notice inside Love, Katie Distilling is not a giant distillation system or a massive wall of spirits but a beautiful ambiance. Think elegant, heavy on black and white color coding, and the kind of place you can hang out in for hours enjoying the company of friends and loved ones.

When we picked up a cocktail menu at the bar, we were floored at the number of options. The menu featured three distinct elements to look through, seasonal cocktails that change frequently, classic cocktails, and a focused martini list as well. All told, we counted nearly 30 creations on the menu, giving us a lot to consider when figuring out what to try on the first visit. (For those who cannot commit as easily, don't overlook their Flight of 3 option which features the best sellers!)

From the seasonal cocktail menu, we tried the Love, Citrus, a rye-forward cocktail with kiwi, honey, and lemon that was not shy with its intensity of kiwi. We were surprised to find how well the kiwi balanced with the spicy rye and it made for a cocktail that went down faster than you would expect.

On the classic menu side, we sampled the Watermelon Refresco, one of the distillery's top sellers per the tasting flight, which was cucumber-infused vodka with watermelon juice, lime, and simple syrup. We love how this distillery uses a ton of infusions to really up the flavors here, and this was one of those drinks that is perfect on a hot summer day with strong watermelon and cucumber flavors while not getting watered down with overuse of either ingredient. A real winner!

Old Fashioned and LAvender Sour

We made our way to the Martini menu for our third cocktail, the Lavender Sour. This one was a riff on a classic gin sour with lavender-flavored simple syrup. Admittedly, lavender flavor can be a bit overpowering for us, and this one was definitely on the more intense side for our preference. That said, it is a smooth sipper and is beautifully presented in martini style, even if it is not what we think of as a standard martini outright.

The final cocktail of the day was back from the classic menu, the Kinda An Old Fashioned But New Fashioned, which is, as you can guess, a riff off of the classic. This one uses barrel reserve gin as the base with orange bitters, simple syrup, elderflower tonic, and garnish. For those who like a fortified spirit that lets you get an appreciation for the base spirit, this one is it, and it was enough for us to call it a day from there despite wanting to try many more.

Finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't also point out that Love, Katie Distilling maintains a pretty respectable price point on all of its cocktails. By craft cocktail standards, these all seem to run a couple of dollars below the regional average, and we can fully appreciate that point as well- especially if making the choice to try another from its impressively large menu.

When it comes down to it, Love, Katie Distilling is the kind of spot that is perfect for everyone. From a welcoming space to a large portfolio at reasonable prices, covering an array of flavor combinations, you'll be hard-pressed not to find a cocktail (or seven) that fits your mood and tastes. Now we're figuring out when we can return because, for a menu this large, we're going to need several visits- and we're okay with that!

Love, Katie Distilling is located at 816 Main Street in Sharpsburg, PA.

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