La Tavola Pizza – A Hidden Shop Behind a Top Restaurant

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 25, 2020.

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La Tavola on Mount Washington is an acclaimed Italian/Sicilian restaurant that offers family cooked meals in a slow dining ambiance that we consider to be one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh.

But while the restaurant may have a die hard following in local circles, their pizza shop located around the back of the restaurant is lesser known.

In this one, we take a trip back to one of our favorite spots solely to give their pizza menu a try!

Skip the Rounds and Go for Nonna Pina's Pizza

La Tavola Pizza in Pittsburgh

I want to say that we liked La Tavola's pizza overall, but in the grand scheme of things this one is sadly an average iteration at best.

The interesting thing about La Tavola's round pizza is that it is fairly cheese and topping heavy, with a rather thin layer of sauce and a distinct lack of focus on the crust.

The toppings themselves are flawless and are fresh and delicious, but the base of the pizza itself is just a bit disappointing for crust and sauce lovers such as ourselves.

The Nona at La Tavola

Thankfully, during our visit we were also able to order four cuts of Nonna Pina's pizza, a Sicilian style specialty with tomato sauce, basil, romano cheese, and spices.

While this one looks fairly simple, the flavors were rather outstanding and let the ingredients shine. If the toppings on the rounds offer great flavor alone, this one goes further to be a great slice all around.

The only part that was a bit odd on this was that the crust was unusually crumbly for a Sicilian cut and made for a different kind of texture than you would expect. Not bad, just different and may not be for everyone.

Order a Side of the Scafazzatta

Scafazzatta at La Tavola

Normally when we visit a pizza shop in Pittsburgh we always order a non-pizza side in order to try out an alternative side of the menu. At La Tavola, we went for the scafazzatta.

This one is kind of like a calzone with perfectly cooked crust and is filled with sopresatta, buffalo mozzarrella, and mixed greens.

In fact, this one was so good that we caught ourselves proclaiming that if the pizza had a similarly cooked crust (read: perfect), our thoughts on the round would be significantly different.

Scafazzatta at La Tavola

When it comes down to it, the pizza at La Tavola falls a bit short compared to the menu items at their main restaurant (which we consider to be one of the best places to eat in the city); however, the toppings, specialty cuts like the Nonna Pina's Sicilian and the Scafazzatta more than make up for any misgivings we may have about the base crust of the rounds alone.

In the end we're okay with that.

La Tavola is located at 1 Boggs Avenue on Mount Washington. The pizza shop is located along the side entrance near the back.

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