Grove City Outlets is a Massive Shopping Mall Near Pittsburgh

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 27, 2020.

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I'll be honest- in our quest to support local we often overlook some of the more commercial and national entities that are available in the city. Shopping is no different.

As such, I never expected to find myself stopping at Grove City Outlets. But on my way home from a trip to Erie and Presque Isle State Park, I saw the outlets coming up and decided to pull over.

While the outlet is still a commercial retail space for national brands, I have to say that the collection of shops is rather impressive all the same.

Grove City Premium Outlets is a Serious Shopping Destination

Shopping Corridor at Grove City Outlets

To say that the Grove City Outlets is a huge shopping destination is an understatement. This outlet mall has roughly 120 stores featuring every major brand we could think of, from shoe stores to designer fashion, watch manufacturers, and more. (A full list can be found here.)

This would put it on par with some of the largest shopping malls in most cities, all with the purpose of featuring discounted products. And, as for those deals, well, they are a bit relative to what you are seeking.

List of Businesses at Grove City Premium Outlets

During my visit, most every store had signs in their windows for significant discounts beyond what your normal mall shop would have, which is to be expected at outlet stores. But in my limited shopping, I found that many stores of my interests (namely around shoes this trip) sold products at or near MSRP price. 

Where the discounts came into play at these stores were in the clearance section where it seemed prices were significantly reduced from what you would find on discount racks at more conventional spots. My interests were quite specific and I left without any purchases (I was looking for waterproof hiking boots), but for those who are interested in a wide range of products, the discount/clearance racks offered some rather impressive deals.

Steelers Store at Grove City Outlet Mall

Find enough deals for your shopping goals and the ~60-minute drive to the outlets could make a fair bit of sense.

My Favorite Part About Grove City Outlets? The Ambiance

Grove City Outlets Wetlands

While I did not end up making any purchases at the Grove City Premium Outlets during my visit, as I really stopped on a whim only looking for one particular item, I have to say that my favorite part was not the shops themselves but the ambiance.

For an open-air shopping mall, the outlet center is, well, quite pretty!

While walking around at the shops I felt like I was more at a shopping plaza you'd find near the beach in Florida or California than something in southwest Pennsylvania, and I'd dare say it was even a bit leisurely to just walk around the buildings (insofar as you ignore the discount signs in every window).

Grove City Outlets Wetlands

But perhaps the most interesting part about the Grove City Outlet stores beyond all this is that there is a small wetland located right in the heart of the property, offering a reprieve in nature right in the heart of the commercial overload that is the outlet mall. Naturally, I stopped and spent a bit of time here to enjoy a break in between all the walking.

Overall, while I am not a shopper by any means, and am especially not one to regularly shop at national chains, I have to say that the Grove City Outlet mall was impressive. I may not have found any deals, but if you are looking for steep discounts on a number of products from 100+ companies, well, a trip to this one may need to be in your future.

Oh, and one final warning– get to this one early. Within 30 minutes of the outlet malls opening the shopping center was getting rather packed. This is the place for serious deal shoppers!

Grove City Outlets is located at 1911 Leesburg Grove City Road in Grove City, PA, just off I-79.

On your way back into Pittsburgh, stop for a beer at Shubrew or a meal at The Harmony Inn in Harmony, PA!

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