Double Wide Grill Review – Barbecue and Burgers in South Side

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on December 1, 2023.

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Double Wide Grill is changing names and barbecue production. This review features the original menu and is likely out of date.

Walking into Double Wide Grill is, in a way, an assault on the senses.  This restaurant is one part barbecue joint, one part sports bar, and one part collection of all things having to do with cars- from the simple gas pump to the body shop and everything in between.

On our recent visit we were less concerned about the ambiance and the sports bar (although the tap list of 40 beers is quite impressive), and more focused on the food.  Does this over-the-top looking bar and grill that is expanding in the region have good food?  We had to find out.

Splitting the Difference at Double Wide Grill

Hawaiian Burger at Double Wide Grill

As much as I wanted to splurge on our entire meal feasting on Double Wide Grill's impressive barbecue menu, I was pretty certain there would be no justice for the restaurant if we didn't try at least two different menu items.

After a rather agonizing dissection of the menu, we decided to order a pulled pork sandwich platter as well as the Hawaiian burger, something we would likely order nowhere else.

There is a reason we went out of our comfort zone on the Hawaiian burger, and it was purely because the marketing image on the menu sucked me in.  A huge burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, a massive onion ring, and real pineapple salsa loaded in-between?  Sign me up.  This burger ended up being so large thanks to its massive layer of toppings that it was almost impossible to eat without a fork and knife.  Somehow I found a way through many attempts, and was well on my way into devouring this messy creation.

The only downside to the Hawaiian Burger at Double Wide Grill is that it fell into the common trap of Pittsburgh restaurants being unable to deliver a burger to the temperature I ordered.  As expected, the medium burger came out well done, but having been used to this throughout the city for many years it is more of a common thing to point out rather than a serious complaint.

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Double Wide Grill

So how about that pulled pork sandwich?  The sandwich itself came with a generous helping of pulled pork which was cooked quite well and was more than enough of a meal for Angie to eat even with my helping.  Although the pork itself was a fair barbecue on its own right, the winner on the plate was the tangy barbecue sauce which had a rather intense bite that you would not expect from a restaurant such as this.  I could see this being something many barbecue lovers might shy away from, but for us it was the best part about the menu.

Our Main Complaint – Slow Service

Ignoring the food for a minute, we have to take a step back and point out that the service during our visit was considerably slow- notably at the end of our meal.

Our particular waitress took a considerable amount of time to take our bill from us, but had no problem helping the tables next to us multiple times while we waited.  Normally we get past this in most cases, but considering the restaurant was almost empty during our visit apart from those seated next to us, the long wait was especially brutal. In most cases I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt, which is why we often do not mention service critiques in our articles, but you know it is bad when you are in your wallet looking for exact change just to be able to leave.

Suffice it to say, that doesn't happen often.

A Step Above Your Normal Bar and Grill

Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh

Service issues and crazy decorations aside, Double Wide Grill is a step above your standard bar and grill that can be found in every neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

The menu itself takes a bigger risk than most in its barbecue offering while still delivering many of the bar staples you know and love (plus a brunch menu that we sadly missed out on).

Add in the impressive wall of beers they offer on tap, and this one is a great stop for those looking for a bit more unique bar fare while enjoying a beer or watching a game. I may not seek this one out purely for its food menu again, but when I want the full package at a bar and grill, this one may definitely appear on our list of prospects in the future.

Double Wide Grill has multiple locations in Pittsburgh. The location featured in this review is located at 2339 E Carson Street in South Side. Double Wide Grill also has locations in Mars and Irwin.

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