10 Direct Flights from Pittsburgh You May Not Know About

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on November 7, 2023.

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When it comes to flying out of Pittsburgh International Airport, we are no strangers to having to make a connection (or two) to get to our final destination. The options for direct flights from Pittsburgh are few and far between, and more often than not we have to fly to a carrier's main hub nearby to get to our final destination.

But the availability of interesting non-stop flights has been improving with each passing year, and Pittsburgh is now home to several routes you may not be aware exist!

So in this one, we thought we'd leave the Newark, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver hubs alone for a little bit and look at some of the more interesting flights you may be able to find direct from Pittsburgh!

Note: Airline routes change regularly. This includes the listed carrier, frequency, and availability to travel to the destination outright. Although we strive to keep this article as up-to-date as possible, note that availabilities may change. If you spot any errors, please contact us. Conversely, this list doubles as a summary of some direct flights to Pittsburgh just as much as they are away- so if you live in one of these cities and want to check out Pittsburgh, look up the flight!

Pittsburgh to Portland, Maine (PWM)

Portland Light House

Maine is one of our favorite summer and early fall destinations in the United States for its beautiful nature, hiking at the stunning Acadia National Park, and stuffing our faces silly with their delicious lobster rolls.

Historically, the easiest way to get to Portland from Pittsburgh was to fly to Boston, rent a car, and drive roughly two hours north. But budget carrier Breeze Airways has a convenient non-stop route two days per week that cuts this one down to a, dare we say, breezy, hour-and-a-half flight. More time in Maine means more time for lobster, and we are here for it.

Carrier: Breeze Airways
Frequency: Twice per week

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Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach (MYR)

Myrtle Beach

As far as road trip destinations are concerned, Myrtle Beach is often at the top of the summer travel list for many. But at a nearly 10 hour drive, this road trip can eat its way into your vacation time considerably.

Thankfully, budget carriers like Spirit offer reasonably priced flights that will have you closer to the beach in just about 90 minutes! Less time in the car and more time by the water? We're down for that.

Carrier: Spirit
Frequency: Seasonal with varying frequency

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Pittsburgh to Savannah (SAV)

Savannah, Georgia

The Pittsburgh to Savannah flight route on Allegiant is a bit like two destinations in one. The airport is just outside the historic and beautiful Savannah, Georgia, but is also less than an hour away from the popular beach destination of Hilton Head, South Carolina!

So whether you hop on the just under two-hour flight to hit the beaches of Hilton Head or to check out the scenery plus the thriving restaurant and cocktail scene in Savannah, you have an easy sell with this budget flight.

Carrier: Allegiant
Frequency: Seasonal up to twice per week

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Pittsburgh to Phoenix (PHX)

Phoenix desert

Is a desert trip more your speed over the beach? Southwest and American Airlines both offer direct flights to Phoenix that will getting you closer to exploring the highlights of the state in just under five hours. 

From there, you have the thriving restaurant scene in the Phoenix metropolitan area at your fingertips, the beautiful Sedona just two hours away, and the majestic Grand Canyon can be reached in just under a four-hour drive from there.

Pittsburgh to the Grand Canyon, door to door, in about 10 hours? We can get behind that.

Carrier: Southwest/American Airlines
Frequency: Once per day

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Pittsburgh to Key West (EYW)

Key West End of Country

Key West is historically a rather tricky destination to reach. Typically the route involves flying to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, sometimes with a layover, and then hopping in a car and driving three-and-a-half to four hours to the islands.

But Allegiant offers a limited route to EYW that will get you down to the remote Key West airport in just two-and-a-half hour flight time. Less time in the plane than you would be in the car driving from Miami alone? You know that is a winner if you can make the less-than-ideal flight times work.

Carrier: Allegiant
Frequency: 2 times per week

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Pittsburgh to Seattle (SEA)

Hiking Near Mt Rainier

Don't want to head to the beach and instead want to hit up the Pacific Northwest? Alaska Airlines has a direct flight for you straight to Seattle!

In just a few short hours you can be shopping at Pike Place Market, on the trails looking over Mount Rainier, heading to nearby cities of Portland or Vancouver, boarding an Alaska cruise, or more. 

Not a bad option, all without having a layover!

Carrier: Alaska Airlines
Up to 6 times per week

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Pittsburgh to London Heathrow (LHR)


Did you know that Pittsburgh has a couple non-stop flights to Europe? The popular Pittsburgh to London route on British Airways is the kind of flight that gets you to Europe in no time- by layover standards, at least.

The schedule of this one is a highlight almost as much as it is in being direct. The flight doesn't depart til late in the evening (often around 10 pm) and departs London on the return trip home in the late afternoon (typically 4pm to 5pm) while still getting you on the ground at PIT at around 8pm (day-to-day schedules pending, of course). Convenient flight times for departure and more time in Europe on the way home? We can get behind that!

Throw in that the prices tend to be rather reasonable and we have a hard time booking anything else. Just be sure to give yourself a bit of extra time if connecting in Heathrow- it is one busy airport!

Carrier: British Airways
Frequency: Up to 6 times per week

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Pittsburgh to Reykjavik (KEF)

Iceland waterfalls

Pittsburgh's second direct flight to Europe, beginning in operations in May 2024 (seasonally through October), is to the capital of Iceland- Reykjavik!

This Scandinavian wonder is home to beautiful vistas, numerous Iceland waterfalls, and, unfortunately typically out of season for the current flight schedule, the Northern Lights, too.

But Icelandair services many destinations that will connect you to Europe in just one stop with numerous cities on the mainland (all apart of the Schengen Zone) and more far-flung destinations like Bergen, Norway; the Faroe Islands; and the Canary Islands, too. We're in for one layover for these just as much as we are to Iceland proper!

Carrier: Icelandair
Frequency: Seasonally multiple times per week

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Pittsburgh to Cancun (CUN)

Chichen Itza

Want to head down to Mexico but not hit deal with the hassle of layovers or dealing with customs at a major airport? The once per week, seasonal flight from Pittsburgh to Cancun should be on your radar.

This flight typically has fairly convenient flight times departing early in the morning on a Saturday and returning mid-afternoon the same day. Although it is a bit inconvenient to miss out on one more weekend day, the short, three-and-a-half-hour flight certainly makes up some of the difference and will have you enjoying the beaches, temples of Chichen Itza or Uxmal, and enjoying a margarita at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun in no time.

Private travel companies, like Apple Vacations and Vacation Express, also offer package deals for those looking to bundle flights to Cancun as well; however, your options may be a lot less flexible than taking a flight and building an itinerary on your own.

Carrier: American Airlines/Apple Vacations/Vacation Express
Frequency: Once per week, seasonal

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Pittsburgh to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (PUJ)

Punta Cana

Finally, we have the Dominican Republic- reached on direct flights only via vacation packages via Vacation Express and other private companies. Much like the flight to Cancun, these trips tend to only take place on set dates with chartered flights, with select hotel options available as a package.

Still, if a resort is available you were already looking at with a decent price, a direct flight from Pittsburgh isn't a bad option in the slightest!

Carrier: Apple Vacations/Vacation Express
Frequency: Up to 3 times per week, seasonal

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Do you have a favorite direct flight from Pittsburgh not featured above? Comment below to share it!

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