Cocothe Review – Fine Dining French-American Fare in Sewickley

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Cocothe closed in early 2019.

Cocothe in Sewickley is a modern French-American restaurant located in a small, cozy space. With white tables and sleek black and white decor, this spot is classy for sure, but the well-worn hardwood floors and intimate size of the space keep it from feeling stuffy. The seasonally-changing menus with classic upscale fare are sure to have us coming back for more.

A Refreshing Fine Dining Experience West of Pittsburgh

Cocktails at Cocothe

As we settled in on a busy Friday evening, we decided on a few cocktails: the Acapulco and the Old Thyme Fashioned.

The Acapulco was a frozen cocktail with rum, tequila, pineapple, coconut, grapefruit. It was deliciously fruity and boozy, and the pineapple sweetness was balanced by the tartness of the grapefruit. The Old Thyme Fashioned was a simple mix of bourbon, lemon, thyme, and bitters. On a hot summer evening this one was refreshing, light, and well-balanced.

Complimentary rolls started our meal off right with their fluffy softness and butter that was the perfect temperature for spreading. Salt flakes in the butter added a nice little crunch.

Beef Tartare Appetizer at Cocothe

We moved on to the beef tartare appetizer which had juicy, tender meat, and a briny olive tapenade that complemented the meat well. Thin, crispy parmesan tuiles were salty and crunchy. A burrata and lemon spread was delicate and creamy. Two quail eggs, one hardboiled and one deviled, finished off the plate. Toasty slices of bread were perfect for scooping up everything in different combinations – it was a choose your own adventure sort of appetizer in the best possible way.

The entree options were fairly classic preparations of varied proteins like lamb, salmon, venison, and chicken. Each entree on the menu had a recommended wine pairing, which was a nice touch.

After a bit of back and forth deciding on our order, we opted for the filet and the scallops.

Filet Oscar at Cocothe

The filet oscar was a super thick filet that still managed to be supremely tender.

The recommended preparation was medium rare, which we ordered, but it came out closer to medium. Nevertheless, it was still cooked amazingly. Sweet crab meat topped the steak, along with asparagus and a rich hollandaise sauce. A fancy mound of layered scalloped potatoes on the side was seasoned well and was just fine.

Scallops at Cocothe

The scallops were served with a lemongrass and caviar veloute as well as asparagus and lemon cream mashed potatoes. The scallops were succulent and the veloute was creamy and rich. The lemon in the mashed potatoes was a delightful uplifting and bright flavor, and the asparagus were crisp tender for a little textural contrast. Tiny crunchy bits of bacon on top provided some saltiness and crunch.

Go for a Deconstructed Dessert at Cocothe

Deconstructed Key Lime Pie at Cocothe

We went all in and ordered dessert: deconstructed key lime pie.

A swoosh of toasted meringue accompanied a graham cracker ice cream. Crunchy bits of lemon graham cracker were sweet-tart and buttery delicious. Three petite dots of key lime mousse were light and refreshing. It was a somewhat small portion so split between the two of us we didn't feel too gluttonous. The dish was a perfect way to end the meal, with just a few sweet bites between the two of us.

If you're looking for a cozy, French-American restaurant with a modern vibe, head on up to Cocothe in Sewickley. The classic-leaning dishes are comforting and delicious. Just remember to make a reservation!

Cocothe is located at 545 Beaver Street in Sewickley, PA but closed in early 2019.

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