2 Sisters 2 Sons Review – Caribbean Fare Comes to Sharpsburg

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 31, 2022.

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2 Sisters 2 Sons closed their Sharpsburg location in August 2022. We are hopeful they will find a new home soon!

2 Sisters 2 Sons opened in Sharpsburg, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh) in summer 2020 and was a much-welcomed addition to the city's Caribbean dining scene.

We had seen the buzz for this one building up after opening and knew we had to make it in right away. We were not let down.

Don't Skip the Jerk Chicken at 2 Sisters 2 Sons

Order from 2 Sisters 2 Sons in Sharpsburg

We knew when visiting 2 Sisters 2 Sons, we had to try an order of the jerk chicken. If you had seen anything on social media about this place when they first opened, it was probably one (or several) rave reviews of their chicken, so that was an easy order on our part.

This chicken deserves all the raving.

Jerk Chicken from 2 Sisters 2 Sons

While this was not the hottest jerk chicken we've ever had (note, it does pack a punch), we were pleased by the complex spice rub slathered on in copious amounts. This hits you first, but it is only after chewing for a little bit do you get a wonderful smokey flavor from the wing itself that rounds out the bite. Spice and smoke forward with a modest amount of heat? Sign us up. We'll be ordering this dish every time.

For our second entree, we went with the red snapper prepared escovitch style. This was the entire fish, deep-fried, and served with an ample amount of pickled vegetables in a spicy, habanero-esque vinegar. While the sauce itself was a fairly runny vinegar, we do have to warn anyone who wants to order the escovitch style here that it is incredibly hot and will hit you hard (and considering we love heat, this is a special note).

Escovitch fried snapper from 2 Sisters 2 Sons

That being said, despite loving the deep-fried fish with the spicy vegetables, we do have to admit that for its price (relative to other entrees, at least), we may shy away from the snapper option in the future. We only say this because the fish inherently has less meat on it than others, and we can get so much more food with other menu items that are also at a more attractive price point. 

Beyond the mains, these meals let us also get an array of sides. This included steamed cabbage, mac and cheese, fried dumplings, and potato salad included with our dish (although a few had a surcharge for being premium sides) as well as an order of perfectly cooked sweet plantains on the side as well. Our photos may not give the portion size justice here, but it should be worth noting that we had ample sides here and it really turned what could've been a conventionally large meal to an exceptionally large one.

Much like with the jerk chicken, we are not complaining here. Out of all of the sides, the fried dumplings stood out to us as being quite large and having a wonderful pillowy texture on the inside (perfect for sopping up that spicy escovitch vinegar).

Overall, we'll never say no to having more Caribbean fare in Pittsburgh, and 2 Sisters 2 Sons did not disappoint in our first visit. We'll be back to this one for many orders soon, and every time we can guarantee there'll always be a side of jerk chicken to go along with it.

2 Sisters 2 Sons is located at 1882 Main Street in Sharpsburg, PA.

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  1. I ate here a couple of weeks ago. I like spicy food. I ordered the jerk shrimp. I was very flavorful but it was so hot it absolutely blew the top of my head off. After three bites I couldn’t eat anymore. I’ll have to try the chicken next time.
    I love what you guys do.


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