15 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh in February – Outdoor and Indoors in Winter

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On the surface it seems like February is the month where things quiet down in Pittsburgh. Winter is at its coldest, the month is short, and overall life moves at a slower pace than months in the more vibrant seasons of the year.

That being said, there are a number of things to enjoy in Pittsburgh throughout the month, and whether you want to get outdoors or stay warm inside we've got you covered in this one!

Imbibe North Side

Imbibe North Side

Imbibe North Side is the premier North Side beer festival. This one typically takes place each winter and summer at the Mattress Factory (winter 2020 occurs on February 1st) and features roughly a dozen libations vendors from around the neighborhoods set in the stunning modern art museum for the backdrop. What more could you ask for in this one!

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Artifacts Pittsburgh

Not all of us have $20,000 laying around for an antique painting from Europe, a 50′ x 50′ Turkish rug, or a stuffed lion, but that doesn't mean you can't go appreciate all of these wonders at Artifacts in the first place.

We're big fans of this store as it takes high-end shopping to a whole new level, and while we may not be able to afford most of the decorations inside, it is a fun place to fantasize what we'd do if we became overnight millionaires.

Before leaving the West End be sure to take a trip up to the West End Lookout for the incredible Pittsburgh city views!

Covered Bridges in Washington County

Covered Bridge in Washington County

Did you know that neighboring Washington County has the 2nd highest concentrations of covered bridges in Pennsylvania? Did you also know that covered bridges are incredibly gorgeous in the winter surrounded by snow?

We're guessing not, which makes February the perfect time to make a trip around Washington County to check out these beautiful pieces of architecture! (Photo credit: UncoveringPA.com)

Good Wood Barrel Aged Beer Fest

Good Wood Beer Fest

In the need of some dark beer to get you through the winter? A visit to the annual Good Wood Barrel Aged Beer Fest is a must this February! In 2020, this festival takes place at Threadbare Cider in the North Side on Sunday the 16th and features barrel-aged beers from numerous local alcohol producers.

But the best part about this one is that it is not just dark beer that you can find. While there are a ton of stouts, in previous years we've found barrel aged sours, IPAs, and traditionally lighter beers as well. A perfect way to warm the body and soul during the heart of winter!

Skiing at Seven Springs

Seven Springs

Located about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh, the ski resort of Seven Springs is one of our favorite trips outside of the city in the winter.

Although you could make a whole weekend (or week) out of enjoying this resort during the winter, it is an easy trip for those looking to make a long day of it in the middle of winter when the slopes are at their finest. (And, if you're motivated for more, Seven Springs is home to some of the best snow tubing in PA!)

After a long day out skiing, be sure to stop at Christian Klay Winery for a glass of wine before the journey home.

Center for PostNatural History

Transgenic Goat at the PostNatural Museum in Pittsburgh

Post-natural history is an unusual study, as it covers anything that has been genetically altered by man.

This can simply be man breeding two unique flowers together to produce a new flower altogether, or it can be as complex as splicing spider DNA into goats such that their milk produces spider's silk (yes, that has really happened and one of those goats is stuffed and on display at the museum).

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the world of genetic engineering, this free museum in Garfield (only open on Sundays) is well worth the visit.

Looking for more in Garfield? Grab a pizza at Spak Brothers, Vietnamese food at Tram's Kitchen in neighboring Bloomfield, or a cup of coffee at Constellation Coffee.

Hidden Harbor

Hidden Harbor

Tiki drinks for everyone! Hidden Harbor is Squirrel Hill's resident tiki bar- an incredible job modern take on this iconic bar style that's making a comeback across the country.

Whether you go for the individual drinks or the boats for two (or more), Hidden Harbor has some of the most unique cocktail combinations in the city that would stand alone with or without the tiki theming.

Looking for another spot for dinner after drinks at this incredible bar? Check out our Squirrel Hill neighborhood guide for plenty of recommendations!

Children's Museum

Children's Museum Pittsburgh

For families with young children, a visit to the Children's Museum in Allegheny Center is a must for its numerous exhibits tailored for children of all ages.

For those without kids, the Children's Museum offers a periodic 21+ night for those looking to unleash their inner child without actually having them come along!

There are lot of places to enjoy in the North Side after your visit to the Children's Museum. Those looking to extend the day should visit the Aviary or Bicycle Heaven, and if you're looking for a quick bite to eat grab some takeaway at Quik-It Chicken!

Poetry or Music at the City of Asylum

City of Asylum

The City of Asylum organization in Pittsburgh's North Side is perhaps one of the most unique in the city. One of the group's main goals is to bring in writers who were exiled or persecuted abroad and give them a safe place to continue their writings or to publish a memoir.

There are many public outreach nights setup throughout the year, including jazz, poetry, and other live readings at their performing arts venue on North Avenue.

If you're looking for a bite to eat in the North Side after the performance, check out Nicky's Thai, Monterey Pub, or Penn Brewery!

Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning

The Cathedral of Learning is an impressive building for a number of reasons. It is one of the tallest educational buildings in the world, the lobby looks like something out of Harry Potter, and the first few floors are filled with themed “nationality rooms” which mimic classrooms from different countries and various historical periods from around the world.

Visit this one when school is not in session to take a self-guided tour of these gorgeous class rooms, and be sure to take the elevator to the 36th floor when you're done for some pretty awesome views of Pittsburgh!

While in Oakland, pay Lulu's Noodles, or Butterjoint a visit for a great meal!

Church Route on the South Side Slopes

Pittsburgh from the South Side Slopes

The hills of the South Side Slopes may not be for the faint of heart, but if climbing staircase after staircase for incredible city views along the Church Route is a challenge you are up for, we can assure you that you will not be let down.

Our favorite walk is a slightly modified version of the popular path, which can be found at the link at the beginning of this section.

While in the South Side, warm up with a coffee at Big Dog Coffee or grab a bite to eat at Double Wide Grill.

Pittsburgh Ballet

Pittsburgh's Benedum Center

Pittsburgh's ballet is one of the more recent success stories in the city, and the organization has seen rapid expansions over the past few years.

Shows are put on throughout the year at their locations in the Strip District and at the historic Benedum Center in downtown Pittsburgh. In February 2020, the Pittsburgh Ballet is performing its rendition of Beauty and the Beast at the Benedum Center (running February 14-23) and is set to be a great show for the entire family!

If you're in the mood for something quick while downtown, consider Proper Brick Oven just steps away from the theater. If you have a few minutes to spare before or after the show, be sure to check out Cell Phone Disco behind the Benedum Center too!

Find a New Wine Bar

Apericena Wine Bar

Pittsburgh's wine bar scene has been exploding at a rapid pace in recent years, and there are a number of great options to check out in and around the city. From the old favorites of Allegheny Wine Mixer to First and Third Fridays at Palate Partners, to newer options like Spill or Mary's Vine, there really is a number of great choices for lovers of wine when exploring!

City Views in the Hill District

Pittsburgh's hill District

The Hill District has a somewhat bad stigma about it; however, this neighborhood is home to many incredible views of Pittsburgh, including at the Boy Scouts of America Building, the lookout at Reed Street, and the lookouts on Arcena Street and Memory Lane (where you can get a good view of the Strip District).

As some of these views are partially obstructed by trees in the summer (especially Robert E Williams Memorial Park), you can get some great views in the winter if you venture out in the cold!

After exploring the Hill District, we like to head down to Kaibur Coffee in Polish Hill for a quick pick up and a vegan sandwich. Or of that is not your thing, head down to the Strip District to try Penn Avenue Fish Company while you're there!

Watch a Movie at Row House Cinema

Row House Cinema

For our last pick for the month, we are thinking of people who don't want to do much at all when the weather is at its coldest. For you, we recommend checking out a classic film at Row House Cinema in Lawrenceville. This arthouse theater features many favorites throughout the month and allows guests to take in a beverage from the craft beer seller Bierport (next door) to enjoy during the film as well.

A perfect indoor activity in winter if we ever heard of one! After, find a restaurant to enjoy nearby in Lawrenceville to complete your relaxing day.

Are you up to anything fun in Pittsburgh this February? Comment below to share!

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