What are the VIP Suites at PNC Park Like?

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 28, 2019.

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There are some experiences in any city that come along once in a blue moon, and then there are some that are even rarer than that.

Despite the number of Pirates games we've attended over the years, enjoying the game from a VIP suite was one of those rare experiences we were only recently able to have.

But be warned– once you attend a game in a VIP Suite, PNC Park will never be the same again.

The Amenities in the VIP Suite

Inside a VIP Suite at PNC Park

The VIP Suites at PNC Park have a core selection of amenities that make them an incredible value for those coming in groups (10 to 15 or more) looking for some finer comforts. Our suite, #54, had spacious indoor seating for nine, outdoor seating for eight more, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Suites here also include air conditioning, a private restroom, two televisions streaming the game (one inside and one outside), and a large serving area for those who order in-park catering.

Outside Seats in VIP Suite at PNC Park

This means there is literally something for everyone including those who cannot keep their eyes off the game, others who just want to hang out while enjoying the amenities (did we mention how nice the air conditioning is when it is 95 degrees outside?), and everything in between.

Out all of the amenities, I found the television setup in the suite to be a bit ironic, mostly because we were able to watch the game live- both on TV and from the seats themselves (within in the same eye shot no less). I won't say how many times I caught myself watching the game from the TV directly versus actually on the field, but suffice it to say, it was a lot.

Outside Seats in VIP Suite at PNC Park

I won't complain about this, because with amenities like that, you certainly feel like a VIP.

The Private Entrance is One of Our Favorite Perks

PNC Park in Pittsburgh

Aside from the suite amenities itself, the park offers a private entrance along General Robinson for VIP suite guests. It is just a short walk through security, an elevator ride to the suite level, and off you go to your suite- all without the crowds.

Nothing beats entering a baseball stadium not feeling like herded cattle, and the added “welcome sir” made it all the more wonderful.

Yes, the little things sometimes impress me the most.

The Legendary Dessert Cart

PNC Park's Dessert Cart

In what is perhaps the highlight of the VIP suites for most is the dessert car which is brought by around the 7th inning.

I call this one legendary because others in our suite who knew of this wonderful creation spent most of the game talking it up, throwing around dessert names like “30-layer cake” and “fluffer nutter pie” as possible options- and it didn't disappoint.

This dessert shop on wheels has an incredible assortment of pastries, cakes, and desserts for your selection, all in massive quantities. We sampled a wonderfully delicious red velvet cake as well as a generous ice cream sample from the attached sundae bar, while others went for the fluffer nutter pie, a plate of cookies, and more.

My only regret was eating so much from our catered menu, because desserts like this don't come around all too often (and in this case, we use the phrase it literally).

Overall, we had a fantastic time in our suite, and are going to have a hard time going back to traditional seats at PNC Park on our next visit.

PNC Park VIP Suite Entrances

PNC Park will never be the same again.

Our tickets for the VIP Suite were provided through a sponsored campaign; however, we elected to write this review of our own.  As always, all opinions are our own.

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