Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea Comes to Pittsburgh

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 16, 2023.

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The Carnegie Science Center has a new temporary exhibition, running through early September 2023- Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea!

Naturally, as fans of all things Viking history and members of the Carnegie Museums, we had to get into this one to check it out on opening day. 

While we will say that our visit to this one was quite brief, we did leave with a full appreciation for all things Viking Age. However, those who are visiting may want to combine this one with a full ticket to the Science Center to get the most out of your visit!

Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea Exhibits

Viking Boat

It would be hard for any single exhibit to cover every important piece of information in an entire age of a culture, but Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea attempts to do just that. 

This one covers a large array of all things Viking Age ranging from life and culture, trade and raids, slavery and non-slave rights, traditional dress, Nordic religion to conversion to Christianity, the founding of modern nations, and so much more. Most of this information is conveyed via text displays and videos showcased within the exhibit, plus artist renderings of what historians think Viking culture looked like, with a modest number of artifacts (and recreations) to illustrate each broad point.

Text Heavy Exhibits at Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea

Although I would say that we left this one with an appreciation for all things Viking culture, when as far as the exhibit as a whole felt just a bit too text heavy for our liking. The artifacts and replicas, when present, were great visuals; however, we left simply wanting more for the extra ticket cost (and, admittedly, perhaps just more overall- we made our way through the entire exhibit in about 30 minutes). 

However, in knowing that Viking Age artifacts are few and far between, this exhibit does a good job at presenting the history and culture of the era as best as possible and now has us wanting to travel to far-reaching destinations in Scandinavia to learn more. As such, as a museum exhibit, this one does its job and then some.

A Separate Entry Fee from the Carnegie Science Center

Viking Swords

Before ending this one, we thought it is important to highlight that Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea is a special, ticketed exhibition at the Carnegie Science Center and regular admission does not cover entry.

There are a few pricing tiers to keep in mind. 

First, general admission costs $20 per adult, $18 for seniors, and $16 for children if you do not have a museum membership. Member pricing is $11.50 for all tickets independent of age. 

Second, the museum also offers a combination ticket that saves approximately $7 for those who wish to visit the museum and the Vikings exhibit all in the same day. This is $37.50 for adults, $32.50 for seniors 65+, and $27.50 for kids ages 3-12.

Viking Artifacts

As our visit to the exhibit was quite brief (about 30 minutes), we could see how paying a bit more for a combination ticket may make sense to get the most out of your day since you'll already be at the Science Center. That being said, we are also paying members and enjoyed the discounted ticket rate all the same.

Overall, Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea shares some great history and artifacts of vikings and their campaigns. While we found this one somewhat text heavy for our personal liking, it offers a fascinating look into Viking culture and history all the same. 

Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea can be found at the Carnegie Science Center until September 4th, 2023. Timed entry is required so reserve your tickets in advance. 

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