Two Sisters Review – Serving Up Vietnamese in East Liberty

Published by Angie. Last Updated on January 8, 2023.

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Two Sisters closed at the end of 2022.

Two Sisters Vietnamese Kitchen in East Liberty is a cute little spot for fulfilling all of your Vietnamese pho, noodle, and rice dish needs.

The menu here includes classic pho (noodle soup), bun (vermicelli noodles), co'm (rice dishes), as well as a few specials like bun bo hue and egg noodles. Side options include spring and summer rolls with different fillings, and several salad offerings.

We recently ordered takeout including bun bo hue, the pork special co'm, a grilled pork summer roll, and fish sauce wings.

A Vietnamese Feast at Two Sisters

Two Sisters Vietnamese in East Liberty

We usually aren't the biggest fans of pho, but mostly because we prefer spicier dishes. Enter the bun bo hue, basically a kicked up version of pho with a spicy lemongrass broth, beef, noodles, and pork.

Bun Bo Hue from Two Sisters

As pho typically has lots of fresh toppings like basil and bean sprouts, we were curious as to how well the bun bo hue would travel as a takeout dish. Not to worry – Two Sisters has this down pat. The broth was portioned in a plastic container, while the fresh toppings were separate in a little baggie on the side. This enabled us to assemble our bun bo hue fresh at home.

The bun bo hue broth was fragrant, rich, and just spicy enough. The thinly sliced beef was just ok, but the toppings of basil, cabbage, and sliced jalapeno provided a nice crunch and freshness to the hearty soup.

Go for Pork and Fish Sauce Wings

Pork Special C'om from Two Sisters Pittsburgh

The pork special co'm came with grilled pork, rice, Viet meatloaf, a fried egg, and a small salad. While we enjoyed the grilled flavor of the pork, the dish as a whole was pretty simple and basic.

The grilled pork summer roll was exactly what you would expect for this dish – fresh flavors with crunchy veggies and a tender rice wrapper, with some sweet and salty nuoc cham dipping sauce on the side.

Fish Sauce Wings

The fish sauce wings won our award for most surprisingly delicious dish. Take the typical Vietnamese flavors of sweet, salty, and sour, and put them on a chicken wing – mind blown. These wings were perfectly addicting.

We tasted enough promise in some of the dishes that we would return again and try some of the other rice dishes as well as the noodle dishes. And you can bet we will be ordering those fish sauce wings again!

Two Sisters was located at 216 N Highland Avenue in East Liberty and closed at the end of 2022.

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