Three Rivers Regatta – One of Pittsburgh’s Most Popular Festivals

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The Three Rivers Regatta is one of the largest annual events in Pittsburgh and attracts over half a million people to the city during its three days.

The event historically was held on the Fourth of July; however, as of 2016 was moved to August to stand on its own.

We've visited this one many times throughout the years and have barely just begun to scratch the surface of all of the cool events worth seeing.

Too Much to See for One Visit

Three Rivers Regatta

Normally we like to complain about festivals not having enough to capture our attention long enough. But thankfully the Three Rivers Regatta does not have that problem.

In fact, the Regatta has the problem of having too much to see. Unless you're staying at a downtown hotel and making a weekend of it, you really won't be able to see it all in any given year.

Three Rivers Regatta

This is because the Regatta hosts F1 boat races, jet ski stunts, a lighted boat parade, jet ski tricks, and so much more over the course of its three days. That is before factoring in any one-time special events, like the Red Bull Flugtag which took place in 2017.

Most of the water based events are spaced out such that you'll have a bit of down time in between. So you'll have to make a plan of attack if you plan to make a day of it.

Three Rivers Regatta

For us, we like to go to one event each day every year, and have slowly worked our way up to seeing it all. It isn't the traditional way of going after a festival, but when one comes along with so much to see over a weekend, it is hard to do anything different.

The Festival Continues on Land Too

Three Rivers Regatta

You don't have to stick to the shorts of the rivers to enjoy the regatta, as there are also numerous activities to experience on dry land.

The festival frequently hosts bike tricks on the North Shore, dog trick shows at Point State Park, a large array of food vendors at the Point as well as a mini food truck rally on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, live music including popular headlining acts on Saturday night, and even fireworks to wrap it all up!

Three Rivers Regatta

But while the regatta has so much to see and do over the course of its three days, perhaps the best way to enjoy this one is from the water itself.

During the down time between events the three rivers become absolutely packed with boaters looking to spend a bit of time out on the water, and in all fairness it is quite likely that the biggest party of all is on the water itself!

Three Rivers Regatta

So do yourself a favor and try to experience the regatta on the land, viewing the water, and on the water in the coming years. You won't regret it!

For more things to do in Pittsburgh in August, click the previous link! Or, if you are looking for ways to get out on the water during the regatta, check out the Gateway Clipper or Just Ducky Tours!

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