6 Awesome Pittsburgh Dog Parks to Take Your Furry Friend

Published by Angie. Last Updated on November 11, 2022.

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On our last international trip, we came home with a new addition to our family: our dog Tamale!

As we don't have a backyard, we are extremely grateful for the many green spaces, parks, hiking trails, and dog parks in and close to the city. As a part of our newest series, Dogsburgh, featuring all of the dog friendly places in Pittsburgh, we turn our attention to a popular spot for dog lovers and their four-legged friends: dog parks.

Our quest to find the best dog parks in the city is currently underway, and a selection of our favorites are featured below. As we explore more of the city and find unique parks to add, you can be certain this list will be updated!

Riverview Park in Perry North

Dog Park Fence at Allegheny Observatory

Riverview Park is located on the North Side next to Allegheny Observatory, and the dog park is located right where the wooded trails begin just behind the observatory.

With a view of the observatory one one side, and wood surrounding on the other, this dog park offers gorgeous scenery, a quiet atmosphere, and the occasional deer that likes to walk up to the fence- much to the dismay of the dogs.

There are two separate fenced in areas at this park, one for small dogs and one for larger dogs, but most people seem to hang out in the big dog area anyway. The big dog section is located on a fairly steep hill so expect to spend some time chasing your dog and his/her toys during a visit.

Riverfront Park in South Side

"The Workers" Statue in Pittsburgh

Riverfront dog park is located along the South Side Riverfront Trail, making it a great stopping point for wearing your dog out completely if a walk or run on the trail just isn't quite cutting it.  

The park is also located right next to an impressive steelworkers sculpture called “The Workers”, which adds a bit of beauty to the otherwise empty area.

South Side Riverfront Dog Park

This park features separate fenced in areas for small dogs and large dogs much like at Riverview Park, but due to its location there isn't much shade to be found during the heat of the day as well as limited seating.

A perk of this park is that it is close to dog-friendly Double Wide Grill, great if you are looking to eat out after exploring the trails with your four-legged friend.

Sewickley Heights Borough Park

Sewickley Heights Park

Sewickley Heights Borough Park is one of the most unique dog parks in the Pittsburgh area. This park is over 1,000 acres of varied landscapes including open fields and wooded trails- and it is permissible to keep your dog off-leash throughout the park!

The only exceptions are that you must leash your dog within 100 feet of any parking lot or public building, and within areas designated by signs as “leash only” areas.

It is important to note that the trails in the park are shared by dog walkers, hikers, bicyclists, and horseback riders, so it is essential that you have voice control over your dog at all times.

During our recent visit, we kept our dog on a leash while hiking which caused some issues when off-leash dogs approached her. Therefore, we recommend this park only for those who have extremely obedient dogs that they can trust off leash (or otherwise go during off-hours or on lesser visited trails).

Trails are only marked at the main trailheads and do not have visible blazes as far as we could tell, so it is also recommended to take a photo of the trail map when you park your car for reference.

Nevertheless, we were able to park along the road prior to the lot and snake our way through a few miles of trails without getting lost. The area is beautiful and we highly recommend making the trek out here.

South Side Works Dog Park

Dog Park at South Side Works

South Side Works opened a dog park in 2022 right in the heart of the shopping district (next to Hofbrauhaus).

While fenced in dog parks like these are generally small, South Side Works has ample space for dogs of all sizes, including a few zones tailored for small dogs only.

But perhaps the best part is that South Side Works has a seasonal beer cart located on one side of the park (operated by Levity Brewing as of 2022) with a walk-up window on the dog park side in addition to the public side!

Yes, this means you can let your dog play and enjoy an outdoor beer at this one when open, and really this something all dog parks really could use!

Bellevue Dog Woods

Bellevue Dog Park in Pittsburgh

Bellevue Dog Woods is a beautiful dog park is located in Bellevue Memorial Park that just opened in 2013 that features both a big dog and small dog area.  

Both areas are completely fenced in and the big dog area's interior is half wooded while the other half is open, making it a great place for your furry family member to explore but not ideal for those whose dogs are prone to go wandering out of eyesight.

In addition to the wooded roaming space, the big dog area at this park features a man-made pond with flowing water for splashing around in if your dog is so inclined, a seasonal water spigot, as well as a fairly robust obstacle course- although getting our dog to try these is nothing short of impossible.

North Side Dog Park

Tamale at the North Side Dog Park

North Side dog park is located in Allegheny Commons Park on the North Side adjacent to Lake Elizabeth (now drained and empty) with a slight view of the downtown skyline.

Although there is no fence, most dogs seem to naturally understand the area in which they are supposed to play. Despite this, we've grown to love this amazing community of people and dogs, and visiting this spot is a highlight of our day.

There is no water here and no amenities, and the occasional grouchy passerby, but the dog owners are friendly and always willing to share whatever you need. The area can get quite muddy or dusty depending on recent weather conditions, so plan accordingly!

Keep checking back as we will continue to add our thoughts on other Pittsburgh dog parks, as well as entries into the dog-friendly businesses and other great things to do with your dog in and around the city!

Have a favorite dog park in Pittsburgh that you'd like to share?  Comment below to let us know about it.  Be sure to also share your favorite local dog photos on our #dogsburgh hash-tag on social media!

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4 thoughts on “6 Awesome Pittsburgh Dog Parks to Take Your Furry Friend”

  1. Frick Park, Monroeville (@Heritage park), and Hartwood Acres are all better choices. Allegheny Commons is unfenced, and the Southside one is normally devoid of grass.

  2. North Park has two dog parks which they rotate between to give the grass a chance to grow. The newer one on Pierce Mill Road is divided into two sections, one for smaller dogs. The older dog park off Walter Road also has creek access right outside the off leash park. I wouldn’t recommend letting your doggie drink from the water there, but a nice splash if your pup is into that or just to clear off some of the muck and mud if it was a damp week can be helpful.

    Last time I was there, both dog parks had at least a decent amount of nearby parking, waste bags and garbage cans, water pumps and looooots of space for off leash frolicking. I believe both also have nearby porta-potty units, but there are also permanent bathrooms which are typically kept pretty tidy and well stocked with paper and soap. Additionally there is a coin op/pay per use type dog wash station in the park or on the edge of it over off Wildwood Road next to the Exxon. I have only used it once but it was very clean and very nice

    There are tons of hiking trails, if your pup is into that, but I don’t think any of them are off-leash. I believe there is off leash hiking available in the Riding Meadow park in Fox Chapel, if you’re looking for that.

    Anyway: TL;DR – North Park is a great place to take your doggie for off leash playtime with a ton of amenities so you dont have to feel like you’re roughing it.

  3. @montourconservationtrails is a great place to take your dog. Theres water, trails and a cool cave. I do suggest you take a pic of the map before you start your hike. There are alot of off trails to get lost on.
    Theres markers but far and few inbetween so it’s not hard to get lost if you keep on hiking.
    My dig likes the water so I let him run threw the creek. It’s also connected to @montour trails which is more crowded with ppl walking trails. There are port of John’s and fountains here. It’s nice for a walk or fishing but your dig should be leashed for montour trails. Alot of dif walkers.
    Still across to the creek if your digs so inclined to jump in.
    My dig loves the 2 areas and it’s great the connect. You just gotta find the paths that connect which are inline if needed. Otherwise be like my dig. Just walk the creek and you’ll find it.


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