Huszar Bacon Roast – A New Tradition in the North Side

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 9, 2023.

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Close your eyes and imagine the perfect camp fire. If you're like us, and everyone in the United States without an Eastern European heritage, you are probably thinking of marshmallows roasting on a stick.

But if you are fortunate enough to have Eastern European family, especially those from Hungary, you may be envisioning something a bit different- a bacon roast.

The premise is exactly the same as making S'mores over a fire, but swaps the marshmallows for pork belly, and the graham crackers and chocolate for bread and vegetables, to make what could be the ultimate sandwich.

It wasn't until we were invited out to the North Side Hungarian bar and restaurant Huszar for their annual roast that we knew this was a thing, and we'll never look at camp fires the same way again.

What is a Bacon Roast?

Huszar in Pittsburgh's North Side

The premise of a Hungarian bacon roast is simple. Everyone gathers around a fire pit with a massive hunk of pork belly on a stick. Over the next 30 minutes or so you roast your bacon, drink a few beers, have shots of plum brandy, and enjoy the company.

Huszar Bacon Roast

When the pork starts to glisten you dab the grease on a piece of bread and continue roasting until the pork belly is nice and crispy. Chop it up, throw on some chopped onions, peppers, and other condiments on top of your grease covered bread, and enjoy your feast!

A New Tradition in the North Side


Huszar took this tradition and decided to turn it into an annual event, which brings together a mix of those with an Eastern European heritage and newbies who simply love all things bacon.

The $35 cost gets you a welcome shot of plum brandy, one 750 mL bottle of the Croatian beer Karlovacko, as well as a solid half pound of pork belly and all the toppings, sides, and dessert you can eat.

Huszar Bacon Roast

Guests schedule their time around the fire pit in 30 minute windows, meaning you won't have that long of a wait at all to get in and begin roasting your bacon with new friends, good beer, and the sounds of Hungarian music playing from the live band in the background.

As we found in our group, those with Eastern European background love to share the stories of bacon roasts growing up, and as first timers we were more than happy to listen with only a slight (okay, large) hint of jealousy.

Huszar Bacon Roast

But your 30 minute roast at the camp fire goes fast, and you're off to the tables to enjoy your bacon feast.

When it comes to an annual event, we'll always take the one that ends with a pile of bacon on our plate- ensuring we'll be attending this one for many years to come.

Huszar Bacon Roast

Huszar is located at 627 E. North Avenue in the North Side. To keep up-to-date on when the next bacon roast at Huszar is, be sure to follow them on Facebook. If you can't wait until the next party, give them a call and see if they'll schedule one for a private group!  It isn't officially offered, but we love peer pressure to make awesome things happen.

We'd like to thank Huszar for inviting us out to the annual bacon roast. As always, all opinions are our own.

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