Hampton Inn Green Tree Review – A Standard Hotel With a Few Surprises

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 22, 2023.

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Normally when we review Pittsburgh hotels we select our properties to stay in to review them for their location or unique amenities.

In the case of the Hampton Inn Greentree, we selected this one for its price as we were getting some work done on our house and needed to be away for two nights with our dog without spending a lot of money.

As many hotels do not allow pets, and those that do charge an insane pet fee on top of their price, we set our sights on the Hampton Inn Greentree to take a look at their offering as one of the most budget friendly hotels in the city- and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

A Modern Hampton Inn in Pittsburgh

Hampton Inn Green Tree

When it comes down to it, the Hampton Inn Greentree is about as standard as they come. The rooms are modestly sized, recently renovated, and comfortable. The hotel itself does not offer a lot of amenities other than a small breakfast, modest gym room, and an outdoor pool.

To put it simply, if you've stayed at a Hampton Inn before you know what you're going to get with this one.

Hampton Inn Green Tree

During our two-night stay we had a fantastic night's sleep in our corner room which was comfortable and quiet- two of the things we always crave at any hotel.

On its own, this is not what would put this hotel on your radar. Instead, there are a few perks that this hotel offers that would make it be something that is on your list of potential places to stay.

The Perks Here Are What Make it Great

Hampton Inn Green Tree

The highlight of the Hampton Inn Green Tree comes from its many perks that you may not expect to find at a Pittsburgh area hotel.

First, there is the location. It is just close enough to downtown that you can drive to all of the sights relatively quickly (outside of rush hour traffic) , but is far enough away that the price reduces significantly from proper downtown hotels.

Going further, the Hampton Inn offers free parking, a nominal pet fee, and more.

Hampton Inn Green Tree

Put all of these together and you have the opportunity to save a lot of money during a visit to Pittsburgh. In a city where hotel parking can get up to $40 a day, parking around town at up to $8 a visit, and pet fees, that is a lot of savings for a hotel that is already one of the city's cheapest to begin with.

For select visitors, this could be all that matters. You know who you are.

The Hampton Inn Green Tree is located at 555 Trumbull Drive in Green Tree, PA. Downtown Pittsburgh is easily reached within five or so minutes by car outside of rush hour traffic. To book your room at the Hampton Inn, click here. To read more reviews of the Hampton Inn Green Tree, click here.

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