Churchview Farm’s Happy Hour Series Offers a Serene Hilltop Experience

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on May 11, 2021.

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Churchview Farm is an urban hilltop in Baldwin, just south of Pittsburgh, that is popular for their frequent dinner and happy hour pop-ups.

But when we say popular, we really mean it- tickets to these events often sell out within minutes!

We were fortunate enough to snag two tickets to a happy hour at Churchview Farm, and wanted to share what the experience was like in this one!

What All Is Included at a Churchview Farm Happy Hour?

Churchview Farm Hilltop

Tickets to a happy hour at Churchview Farm typically follows the patterns of hors d'oeuvres from a local Pittsburgh chef (in this case Becca Hegarty from Bitter Ends Garden & Luncheonette), two cocktails from a local libations producer (Maggie's Farm Rum), beer from Pittsburgh breweries (Eleventh Hour and Hop Farm), and dessert (Millie's).

Bitter Ends Food for Happy Hour

When I normally hear about hors d'oeuvres for a happy hour, I think servers walking around the grounds with plates for small bites.

Becca went a step further and combined that traditional offering with a self-serve table full of cooked on-site vegetables, her killer bread, and more. I was getting the feeling that this is a bit beyond the typical food spread for most happy hour series, and I was most certainly not complaining- we will never say no to more food from one of our favorite chefs.

Eleventh Hour Brewery

As far as drinks were concerned, you would've had me at only two pre-made cocktails at the Maggie's table, but the free-flowing beer from the two local breweries also made for a pretty booze intensive night. Suffice it to say, this is the kind of event that you would do well Ubering to, or having a designated driver, as you are certainly not lacking on libations. 

Then there is the ambiance of the property itself. The urban hilltop truly feels like you're out in the countryside despite the fact that you're in Baldwin just south of the city.

Churchview Farm Happy Hour

The grounds contain just about everything you'd want from an entertaining farm space including a barn (that appears to be propped up with large beams), goats that you can feed, numerous vegetables growing, beehives, and, don't laugh, an artisan outhouse. (Yes, more people waited for this one despite the fact that a standard port-a-potty was set up right next to it. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that used it the entire evening considering how clean it was- everyone wanted to check out the outhouse.)

Goats at Churchview Farm

It all comes together for a gorgeous space where you simply want the sunset to be just a little bit longer to enjoy a local libation and food while listening to music. Sadly, the evening ended far too soon as it too often does at events such as these.

Tickets for Churchview Farm Events Go Fast

Live Music at Churchview Farm Happy Hour

To say that tickets for dinner or happy hour at Churchview Farm sell out fast is an understatement. They sell out within minutes of going on sale.

In fact, in the amount of time it took from tickets going on sale, me refreshing the page (obsessively), buying my tickets, and refreshing again half of the events were already sold out. This was in the span of under five minutes, and I'm being generous in estimating that it was that long. The rest sold out a few minutes later.

Churchview Farm

I say this as a means to warn you- getting tickets to these events are quite hard. As most have space for seemingly under 100 patrons, you have to be prepared in advance in order to get the ticket you want. This means knowing which chef feature in advance, having your credit card ready, and not hesitating at all the moment tickets go on sale.

Otherwise, you'll have to keep an eye out for some of their less frequent dinner pop-ups, which I am told last a bit longer in ticket sales. But for the happy hour or main dinner series, you need to be fast.

Churchview Farm

Overall, popularity and ticket scarcity aside, the Churchview Farm happy hour event with Bitter Ends was a pretty awesome night out. We got quite fortunate to have perfect weather, and between the food, ample libations, and music easily got more than our ticket's worth had we purchased everything individually at the participating shops.

As far as events are concerned, we'll call that a win. Hopefully we'll get lucky and get tickets for next year's happy hour series!

Churchview Farm is located at 3897 Churchview Avenue in Baldwin. Tickets typically go on sale in the spring for monthly happy hours from June to October. We recommend being on their mailing list and social media to stay up-to-date on ticket information. Even then, I have to say we missed tickets on year from not paying attention!

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