Bob’s Garage Review – Color Overload at the Bar

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 25, 2020.

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When it comes to bars in Pittsburgh, we have no shortage of them. From dives slinging Yuengling to artisan making some of the finest craft cocktails around, Pittsburgh has them all.

Some of our bars are, well, a bit odd.

One such bar is Bob's Garage in Blawnox, a dive bar through and through that offers something most bars do not- color overload.

You'll Know When You Get to Bob's Garage

Bob's Garage Pittsburgh

Sometimes we need to give clues on what to look for when arriving at a destination (especially for dive bars). But at Bob's Garage, you'll know.

That is because this bar is decorated head to toe with various party favors, tchotchkes, and more (inside and out) which makes it one of the most colorful attractions in the Pittsburgh region outside of Randyland.

Inside Bob's Garage in Pittsburgh

In fact, that description is pretty fair as Bob's Garage is more or less what would happen if you installed a bar at Randyland and threw in a heavy Jimmy Buffett vibe all at the same time. As such, looking around to check it all out is a must.

We're told that the decorations inside Bob's Garage change with the season, and in the late spring / early summer was decorated in a Hawaiian style vibe with parrots and tiki paraphernalia strewn all about the place (but we're told visiting in Christmas is also a must!).

But at it is core Bob's Garage is a fairly standard bar with conventional beers like Budweiser, Yuengling, Blue Moon, as well as a few craft cans thrown into the mix, basic cocktails, and a modest bar food menu.

Beer at Bob's Garage

The base price at Bob's Garage is a bit pricey for what you get (a pint of Blue Moon was around $6), but it all works together with the ambiance. The bar supplements this with many daily specials with fair discounts to improve the price.

Parrots at Bob's Garage

As we ended our visit to Bob's Garage the draw of the evening was about to begin- live karaoke with a house full of what appeared to be dedicated followers. While you will be hard pressed to get us to ever sing in front of an audience, at a colorful place like Bob's Garage, we just might.

Bob's Garage is located at 1372 Freeport Road in Blawnox, PA- just east of Pittsburgh off of 28.

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