Sleight of Hand at Its Finest at 52 Up Close with Lee Terbosic

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on February 11, 2020.

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Let's talk about magic, shall we?

Or, perhaps, we should be a bit more honest and talk about the art form of sleight of hand- most notably used in the form of card tricks.

This kind of entertainment has been around for quite some time, and is still alive an kicking at Lee Terbosic's resident show at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco– 52 Up Close.

We were invited to check out the show and have to say, he certainly fooled us during the 90 minute performance.

52 Up Close is an Engaging and Comedic Magic Show

52 Up Close in Pittsburgh

52 Up Close is an intimate one-man magic show hosted by Pittsburgh's own Lee Terbosic. The 90 minute act takes a maximum of 52 guests on a journey through various sleight of hand tricks- each seemingly more implausible than the last.

The show begins with conventional card tricks you've likely seen before, but then goes off script within seconds to set the bar higher for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately we won't be sharing any of the exact tricks here, but suffice it to say you'll be left scratching your head at how some are performed- although we think we had just one figured out by the end. (But in the words of Lee, no Googling- we intend to honor that request.)

Lee Terbosic's magic act

One of the best parts about 52 Up Close is that a decent percentage of the act's commentary is designed around Pittsburgh history and pop culture. As a native Pittsburgher, Lee is not shy to bring about as many Pittsburgh references as possible while on stage- something we can truly appreciate but may be lost on those who are not from the area.

This all comes together for an act that is as funny as it is perplexing. Lee will leave you wondering how the tricks are performed and doubled over in laughter all at the same time.

Want to Be Part of the Act? Consider VIP Tickets

Grab a drink at the 52 Up Close bar

The show itself has two ticket tiers, general admission (rows three and back) and VIP (rows one and two only). Aside from the prime seating, VIP ticket holders are more likely to be selected to participate in the acts when compared to those in the general admission sections.

So if being part of the performance is something that you are keen to get in on, an upgrade to a VIP ticket may be a good choice.

But we have to warn you in advance, Lee's skills go beyond simply sleight of hand and he is able to take an impeccable read on the crowd. So if you go out of your way to be a part of the act, well, you have it coming!

Magical effects at 52 Up Close

Overall, 52 Up Close is not your conventional magic show. Lee goes well beyond basic card tricks to put together an act that is as much of a one-man comedy show as it is about all things sleight of hand. You may pick up on a trick here or there, but all-in-all getting lost in the trickery is all part of the fun.

As far as a night out in Pittsburgh is concerned, we're more than happy by that.

52 Up Close is has a permanent residency at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Pittsburgh. We were guests of the show for this review. As always, all opinions are our own. 52 Up Close is 18+ due to language and innuendo. 

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