Being Transported to the Amalfi Coast at Vallozzi’s Festa di Limoncello

The kickoff of summer in Pittsburgh is marked by many events, be it through the traditional solstice or simply numerous outdoor experiences.

One relatively new event is a smaller one, but focuses on all things limoncello and ‘cello spirits at Vallozzi's. This is the Festa di Limoncello, and is designed to kick off summer with a trip to the Amalfi coast of Italy.

We were guest of Vallozzi's for this one in 2019, and share what the event is like below!

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The Boulevard Lounge Review – A New Bar Theme at the Distrikt Hotel

The Distrikt Hotel Pittsburgh has featured a high-end cocktail bar since opening in late 2017. But in early 2019, the hotel re-themed the bar to be known as The Boulevard Lounge (an apt name for its location on Boulevard of the Allies).

With a new cocktail menu and an enhanced (but still limited) food menu, you know we had to make it down to this one as soon as we heard about the change.

While we had to miss the food items on our first visit, the cocktails are everything we expect from this stellar bar, and we'll be coming back for more very, very soon.

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Exploring the Historical Jail Museum in Downtown Pittsburgh

If you've spent some time walking around downtown Pittsburgh, odds are good you've seen the old Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail. This historical building is one of the most stunning in the city and even includes its own Bridge of Sighs walkway that connected the two buildings.

Today the jail has been decommissioned and converted into a Common Pleas court, yet many artifacts from the era exist and are available on display in the Old Allegheny County Jail Museum.

But if you want to check this one out you'll have to plan accordingly- it is only open from 11:30am to 1pm on Mondays, February to October!

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Fogo de Chao Review – All You Can Eat Meats in Pittsburgh

It is a rare event on Discover the Burgh for us to feature a national chain, but every so often we will make an exception if it is interesting and somewhat unique among what is available in the area.

When I was invited into Fogo de Chao in downtown to try out their menu of all-you-can-eat meat as part of a local media event, it was one such exception. 

It is time for more churasscaria in Pittsburgh!

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Las Velas Review – A Surprising Find in Market Square

If you're like us, when you think of Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh odds are good you think of mostly mediocre restaurants that are overpriced. 

But there is one gem that is hiding on the second floor of a commercial space that you may otherwise overlook- Las Velas. 

Not only does this one have a great view of Market Square, it also has some rather decent food as well!

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Learning About the City With Free Pittsburgh Walking Tours

Whenever we travel (especially abroad), we always love finding free city tours as a means to get our bearings in a new location and to also learn more about the city/country's history.

While Pittsburgh does have periodic, free city tours run by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, they are often limited in frequency and location. We, as a city, simply needed more.

It wasn't until late 2018 that Pittsburgh finally got its own free walking tour, put on by the appropriately named Free Pittsburgh Walking Tours. Naturally, I jumped on this one in early 2019 to give it a try and really enjoyed the tour overall!

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Drury Plaza Pittsburgh Review – A Surprisingly Nice Stay Downtown

When it comes to downtown Pittsburgh hotels, we have quite a few with each having their own unique features.

We didn't know much about the Drury Plaza Hotel, located just a few blocks from the convention center, but when we were invited out for a review we were excited all the same.

As we quickly found out, this one has comfortable rooms and some pretty awesome on-site perks!

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