Tacomania Food Truck Rally Satisfies All Taco Cravings and Then Some

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 15, 2020.

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We are firm believers that Pittsburgh needs more food truck rallies, and we'll never say no to an opportunity to get out and sample several trucks in a single outing.

As such, when we heard about the end-of-summer Tacomania food truck rally in Millvale, featuring roughly 16 food trucks (all slinging unique taco creations), we had to go!

This one is a taco feast you really must check out.

What is Tacomania?

Mr. Bulgogi Tacos

Tacomania is a monthly food truck roundup series hosted by Strange Roots in Millvale throughout the summer and early fall. Each event features a handful of food trucks (often known for cuisine other than tacos) where they compete to see who can create the best taco by popular vote. The winner of each monthly round-up progresses to the finale at the end of summer to find out who reigns as the Pittsburgh taco king or queen. 

The food truck rally is separate from this event.

The Tacomania food truck rally is an end of summer blast in which nearly two dozen food trucks (many participants of the competition) get together in Millvale to create taco dishes for all who show up hungry. There is no competition aspect to it, and no paid admission like the monthly throwdowns, and is simply an opportunity to eat as many tacos as possible. While a bit confusing with the name, we'll take that opportunity all the same.

Tacomania Food Truck Rally

The 2019 Tacomania rally included a number of taco vendors at the Millvale riverfront park, Strange Roots, and even Grist House as well, including the following:

  • Riverfront Park: Pittsburgh Burrito Bus, Brisketburgh, Pittsburgh Sandwich Society, PGH Smokehouse, La Palapa, Roll Up, Franktuary, Pittsburgh Po'Boy, Mac & Gold, and Sugar & Spice Ice Cream Truck
  • Strange Roots: Cousin's Maine, Mr. Bulgogi, and Curbside Cochina
  • Grist House: Billu's Indian, Pita My Shwarma, Las Chicas, and La Catrina

Suffice it to say, if you wanted to try some really unique taco creations, the Tacomania food truck rally most certainly delivers.

Get in Early to Beat the Crowds (or Bike Over!)

Tacos from Pita My Shawarma

If you've ever been to a food truck roundup in Millvale, you know that they are quite popular events. The addition of 10 more food trucks in the riverfront park for Tacomania means that this one is even more popular than the rest.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to have the best experience when visiting this one.

Grist House Empty!

The first is simply arriving early. The breweries in Millvale are often quite busy on Saturdays on their own, and with one of the biggest food truck rallies of the year taking part on-site, the crowds can get fairly intense. In 2019 the breweries opened two hours early for the festival (and vendors started at the riverfront park an hour before that). This period had the lightest crowd before traffic picked up.

So if you can arrive early, you'll benefit from this lesser-known benefit.

Tacos from Billu's Indian Grill

The second is biking in on the river trail. As the food truck rally takes place, for the most part, on the riverfront trail, it makes it rather accessible to bikers. Most of the parking at the riverfront trail and at the breweries were already full shortly after the festival opened, so those who arrive by car will have some troubles finding parking (again, mostly an issue for those who arrive later vs earlier as street parking was available a few blocks away even near 2pm).

That being said, if it is a nice day bike in!

Pittsburgh Burrito Bus at Tacomania

Overall, the Tacomania food truck rally may only be related to the monthly competition series at Strange Roots in name only, but that doesn't mean it is any less of a great event. Head over to Millvale during the next rally to gorge yourselves on tacos and some of the region's best breweries!

Looking for more food truck rallies? Check out Food Truck-a-Palooza at the Monroeville Convention Center each January!

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