25+ of Our Favorite Pittsburghese Terms and Sayings

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on August 24, 2023.

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We love Pittsburghese, and whenever we hear it, we know we are most certainly back in the Burgh.

The local dialect first started as the result of Scots-Irish immigrants moving into the region, then mixed with immigrants from all over coming in to work in the steel industry in the late 1800s/early 1900s, and several generations later what we now know as Pittsburghese was born!

Sadly, due to Pittsburgh evolving into a cosmopolitan city after the steel industry's collapse, it feels like the Pittsburghese dialect is becoming less and less used over time. Still, both visitors and locals alike frequently hear Pittsburghese around the city. So in this one, we thought we would share some of the most common terms you may hear when visiting!

Our Favorite Pittsburghese Terms, Sayings, and Pittsburgh Slang

Pittsburgh Skyline

Although the list below is not comprehensive, the following are some of the most commonly heard terms, sayings, and Pittsburgh slang you will likely hear when exploring the city.

Many other Pittsburghese words and phrases exist, but despite our extensive travels around the region, we rarely hear them. As such, the following is kept only to terms you may encounter somewhat regularly!

  1. Burgh – Shorthand for Pittsburgh, “Discover the Burgh”
  2. Yinz – Plural form of you in reference to more than one person as a collective, “Yinz goin dahntahn?”
  3. Yinzer – People from Pittsburgh, often used more specifically to refer to people who speak Pittsburghese and/or grew up in the city
  4. Tahn – Town
  5. Nebby – Nosy. When someone does not mind their own business, they're being nebby
  6. N'at – Condensed version of “and that”, used as an alternative to “and so forth”, “etc”, and other similar terms
  7. Jagoff – An asshole or otherwise annoying person; also a great Pittsburgh podcast (YaJagoff)
  8. Jagger Bush – Patch of weeds or plants with thorns
  9. Jaggin' Around – Messing around, “I'm just jaggin' you”
  10. Redd Up – To clean up, often referring to a room
  11. Slippy – Slippery, “Be careful, it's slippy out there!”
  12. S'liberty – East Liberty shorthand
  13. Jeet yet? – A short form of “did you eat yet?”
  14. Dippy – Runny, typically used in reference to eggs cooked over easy, also something for dipping.
  15. Terrible Towel – The yellow towel waved at Steelers games
  16. Dahn – Down. Used in popular terms like “dahntahn”
  17. Gumband – Rubber bands
  18. Stillers – Steelers
  19. Iggle – Eagle, either in reference to Giant Iggle (Giant Eagle, grocery chain) or Philadelphia Iggles (Philadelphia Eagles)
  20. Buggy – A shopping cart
  21. Crick – Creek
  22. Arn City – Iron City, often used as a reference to the beer, Iron City, or to a Pittsburgh nickname
  23. Imp n Arn – A shot of Imperial Whiskey in an Iron City Beer
  24. The Mon – The Monongahela River, also The Mon (Monongahela) Incline
  25. Worsh – Wash, also used as a “worshcloth”
  26. Chipped chop ham – Processed sliced ham, popularized by Isaly's
  27. Kennywood's Open – Your fly is down

Yinz going dahntahn to watch the Stillers n'at? Don't forget your Terrible Towel and have an Arn City!

Do you have a favorite Pittsburgh slang, saying or Pittsburghese term? Comment below to share!

6 thoughts on “25+ of Our Favorite Pittsburghese Terms and Sayings”

  1. I remember those sayings well. Came for Pittsburgh and still say some of them. Living now in Maine and some do not know what i am saying. It is fun.

  2. I love Pittsburgh, my hometown. I miss it very much and return whenever I can. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone there you are all special, Pittsburgh is a very beautiful place to live.

  3. I do love the language of Pittsburghese with one exception. I’ve never been able to hear the word “worsh” without cringing. And I greatly miss hearing the name “Liberty Tubes” or “The Tubes”. They should never have the word “tunnels” associated with them !!!

  4. A good list but yinz definitely missed jumbo n’at. I moved in 1991, but from my recollection it seemed most people said chip tam (chipped ham) rather than chipped-chopped ham. The only place I remember actually seeing or hearing it that was was at Isaly’s. The Yock for Youghiogheny River is another one.


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