Pittsburgh Laws and Local Taxes

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We know that sometimes finding information on local laws is rough. To make things easier, we wanted to summarize as many local laws and tax issues as possible. Please note that the following summaries are not official government statements, so rules may have changed. To find the most up-to-date laws and tax information, please follow the links provided.

Pittsburgh Laws

The full outline of Pittsburgh's Code of Ordinances can be found on Municode.  Notable laws and city oddities include the following:

  • Cars must be inspected for safety and emissions yearly.
  • Most of the city is permitted by zone and has restricted parking (often 1-2 hours) for non-permitted cars.
    • Fines near the stadiums go up significantly on game days.
  • Most of the city streets have a monthly street cleaning schedule- be aware when parking on the roads.
  • Drivers often illegally make a “Pittsburgh left” by turning left at a light without a dedicated turn arrow as soon as it turns green and before oncoming traffic moves.
  • All liquor stores are run by the state and are closed on Sundays and public holidays.
    • To buy liquor and wine, you must go to a state run store.  State stores do not sell beer.
    • To buy beer, you must go to a distributor- often a corner pizza shop or 6-pack mix-and-match place.  These establishments do not sell liquor or wine.
    • Grocery stores do not sell alcohol unless they have an attached store with separate check-out.
    • Good luck finding beer at a gas station, but legislators are fighting hard to change this.
    • Ironically enough, you can't import alcohol from outside states, but the state is happy to mail it to you.

Pittsburgh Taxes and Pennsylvania Taxes

Pittsburgh's earned income tax is currently 3%.  More information can be found at Pittsburgh's Department of Finance.

Pennsylvania's earned income tax is currently 3.07%.  More information can be found at Pennsylvania's Department of Revenue.

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