3 Pittsburgh Coloring Books to Pass the Time

Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on January 4, 2023.

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Are you stuck indoors and looking for a fun activity to pass the time? How about picking up a few Pittsburgh coloring books!

We recently purchased a few and wanted to share our thoughts on what the books are like and include in this one. So check out a few of the great options below.

Note: We are just starting our way through coloring in these books. As we finish a few pages, we'll update our photos accordingly.

Pittsburgh – A Coloring Book Volume 1

Pittsburgh coloring book

Pittsburgh – A Coloring Book by Rick Antolic is what we would likely consider the premier Pittsburgh coloring book. This one features scenes from around Pittsburgh in a fairly involved (but not too advanced) coloring book format. Suffice it to say, if you want a book that you can spend hours upon hours coloring in, this one is for you. But just be sure to pick up a larger pack of colored pencils and a pencil sharpener if you don't have one, as our 12-pack of colored pencils was not up to the challenge of this one.

Inside Pittsburgh Coloring Book

Images in this coloring book include Grandview Overlook, the Gateway Clipper, Polish Hill, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Heinz Hall, the Vintage Grand Prix, The Strip District, Oakland, and about 20 more unique designs!

Pittsburgh – A Coloring Book Volume 2

Pittsburgh Coloring Book Volume 2

As the name suggests, Pittsburgh – A Coloring Book Volume 2 is the second coloring book released by Rick Antolic and is organized in the same exact format and style of the first edition. As a bonus, there are hidden images within the photos that you are challenged to find as well. So sharpen up your pencils for a few dozen more coloring challenges here!

Inside Pittsburgh Coloring Book Volume 2

Images in this coloring book include the Duquesne Incline, the Sister Bridges, the Warhol Museum, the Aviary, the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Fallingwater, Pittsburgh Banjo Club, The O, and about 20 more unique designs. Couple this with the first edition and you'll have over 50 Pittsburgh scenes to color out!

Pittsburgh – An Adult Coloring Book

Pittsburgh Adult Coloring Book

The third coloring book we picked up was Pittsburgh – An Adult Coloring Book. This one is by Skyler Rankin and is a bit different than the previous two coloring books featured. Instead of full Pittsburgh scenes, each page of this one focuses on a pattern laid out behind an iconic Pittsburgh image. Think the hybrid of the Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins logos with a checkered pattern behind it, or the bridges with zig-zags, the Pittsburgh coat of arms with circles, the Cathedral of Learning with repeating stars, and the like.

Inside Pittsburgh Adult Coloring Book

While this one makes for a bit of an easier time drawing (and can be completed with fewer colors than the previous books), what we like about it is that each design is featured in multiples. Each unique design and pattern combination is featured twice, such that couples or older kids could each work on the same page and compare results. But some designs are repeated again later on in the book with a different background pattern as well.

Still, the roughly 30 pages in this one come together for a fun coloring book option to consider!

Are you in need of an all-ages friendly coloring book? Check out Color Me Pittsburgh which has a bit more simplified patterns than the books above. We have not ordered this one (yet) but saw that it was available and wanted to give a shoutout to it as well.

Bonus Downloadable Pittsburgh Coloring Book Images

Local photographer JP Diroll has also converted some of his best Pittsburgh photos into coloring book format and made them available free on his site- JP Diroll Photography. Check them out!

With the above collection of coloring books and print outs, you'll be able to keep yourselves occupied for hours. After you've completed a drawing, upload it to social media and tag us to share your final product.

Looking for more Pittsburgh books for traditional reading purposes? Check out our favorites at the previous link!

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