WOW Airlines – Pittsburgh to Iceland Non-Stop Flights Are Here

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Wow Airlines ceased operations in Pittsburgh in early 2019.

There's been a lot of exciting news recently regarding direct flights out of Pittsburgh, and the start of direct flights from Pittsburgh to Reykjavik on WOW air is perhaps the most exciting to us. With budget pricing as low as $99 one way, and lots of flights from Reykjavik to other European cities, the Pittsburgh-Reykjavik WOW flights are putting Pittsburgh back on the travel map.

We did a similar flight on WOW just last year when we drove to Baltimore and flew direct from there to Reykjavik for a 10-day Iceland trip for just under $250 per person round-trip.

How did the flight shape up and what can you expect when flying out of Pittsburgh? Read on as we share our experience!

Super Cheap and Direct Flights from Pittsburgh to Iceland

Waterfall in Iceland

We have traveled a lot, and we can't emphasize enough how amazing it is to hop on a plane in your home town and wake up in your destination, rather than transferring planes a billion times and spending a whole day to get somewhere.

The flight time from Pittsburgh to Reykjavik is only about 5 hours, so if you've never been on a long flight this one is a great starting point that doesn't require you to give up a whole day of travel to start your vacation.

The Best Perk: Free Stopovers in Reykjavik

Reykjavik Iceland

If your ultimate destination is somewhere else in Europe, why not do a stopover in Reykjavik? WOW air offers free stopovers in Iceland, adding even more incentive to choose them over other airlines.

The country's capital, Reykjavik, has a perfect location in the country near some of the most iconic waterfalls, other natural wonders, as well as the famous Blue Lagoon hot springs- all easily do-able with just a few days stopover.

Even if you don't want to do a stopover, you could use WOW air as a cheap way to get to other destinations in Europe like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Paris, or Stockholm, just to name a few of the cities that WOW serves. It does add a layover, but if you're anything like us a layover after a long flight is always much more tolerable than a layover before one.

This one is going to get dangerous for us in the future.

The Downside: Paying for Carry-ons and Seat Assignments

Iceland from Pittsburgh

The only negative in our WOW experience was that we had to pay for literally everything on the flight. You are only allowed one small carry-on (maximum size 16.5×12.5×9.8in) per person for free; if you want to bring a larger carry-on (maximum size 22×17.7×9.8in) you'll have to pay $40.99 each way.

For checked baggage, you're allowed up to 44 lbs per bag and the fee is $50.99/bag each way. You'll also have to pay for any sports equipment you want to bring along like skis or bikes, and even strollers, meaning that you may have to put together a strategic packing list to get around these extra fees (we somehow managed one back between the two of us).

Another extra you'll have to pay for is a seat assignment (unless you want to wait and have a seat assigned to you at check in). The fees for choosing a seat are around $10/person, unless you want a seat with extra legroom in which case you'll have to pay around $40-50/person.

Given the above fees, it shouldn't be a surprise that the amenities on board are very limited as well. The seats don't have screens on the back for watching movies (you can rent iPads), and there are no free drinks or snacks (although you can purchase them).

Suffice it to say, with a five hour flight and no amenities at all, you will either want to plan to bring your own or do what we did: pass out as soon as you get on board.

Soon enough, you'll wake up in Iceland!

The Bottom Line: A Cheap and Convenient International Flight

Even given the fees you have to pay for extras and the limited amenities on board, we would definitely still fly WOW again for the convenience and pricing factor alone.

It is hard to get prices for the $99 one way promotion, but even with a more expensive base cost you'll be saving hundreds of dollars compared the most comparable flight, and to us that is really all that matters.

The fact that is is now direct from Pittsburgh is simply the icing on the cake.

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Puffins in Iceland

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