Winghart’s Review – Great Burgers and Wings in Market Square

Last Updated on August 25, 2020 by Angie

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Wingharts has sold or closed all of their locations in 2019 and 2020.

Market Square isn't generally a place I like to eat – most of the restaurants are overpriced, not very good, or more than likely, both. However, we recently checked out Winghart's in Market Square which disproves my theory. The burgers are especially good, and the prices are reasonable given the location.

On our visit it was a warm Sunday afternoon, and we discovered the upstairs balcony. There are just a few tables here but they overlook Market Square and provide for some great people watching.

A Strong Menu of Food and Drinks at Wingharts

Aloe cocktail at Wingharts

The drink menu is solid with a handful of craft beers on tap including a few local ones, and a seasonal cocktail list that's better than your average bar. On our visit in the summer we tried a tequila and aloe cocktail that was refreshing and light, but could have had a bit more tequila to add a stronger punch. Think of it like a light margarita with an underlying taste of aloe that lingers on the tongue- perfect for a hot summer day, but not so much for potency!

The food menu is comfort food and bar food that's done with a little creativity and care – think pierogies, mac and cheese, wings, burgers, and pizza, but all with a few special ingredients and twists.

The Burgers Deserve Their Reputation

Burger at Wingharts

We had heard that the burgers here are great, and they did not disappoint. We tried the Market Square burger which was topped with gruyere cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and a honey mustard sauce. As with nearly all burgers in Pittsburgh, we ordered it cooked medium but it was well done.

Other than that, the burger had a delicious and intense char grilled flavor. The patty reminded me of the burgers my family would make on the charcoal grill growing up, only this one was juicy and not cooked into oblivion (sorry Mom and Dad, but it's true!).

Fries are served a la carte with several different seasoning and sauce options. We tried the truffle aioli fries which could have been a little crispier, but were still good. We would have preferred the aioli on the side instead of drizzled on top, but the sauce was still deliciously creamy, funky, and perfect for the fries.

Pick Your Wing Sauces Carefully

Wings at Wingharts in Pittsburgh

We also tried the wings which we didn't end up liking as much as the burger. There are several sauce and dry rub options; we tried the whiskey barbecue sauce and the butter spice rub. The barbecue sauce was fine but not that memorable, while the butter spice was a better bet with some fairly solid flavors that worked well as a dry rub.

The consistency of the wings were quite good, and on a future visit we probably would opt for a more traditional flavor like buffalo which we were told after the fact is one of the most popular.

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with the burgers, bar menu, and prices at Winghart's. The tables on the square or on the second floor patio are particularly nice for taking in the scene at Market Square.

Winghart's had multiple Pittsburgh area locations but is now closed.

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