(Enrico's Cafe)


Pittsburghers are crazy about pizza, there is no arguing that. Many studies routinely place the city in the Top 10 of Pizza Shops Per Capita in the United States - with more opening every year

(Pizza Lupo)

Our pizza guide will help you find a new favorite shop!

Are you a traditionalist? Pizzaiolo Primo, Mercurio's, and Enrico's Cafe serve up stellar woodfired Italian pies.

(Pizzaiolo Primo)

Want a monster NY-style pie? Check out Slice, Pizzeria Davide, or Badamo's (great for by-the-slice too!).


Many shops are even jumping into  Detroit-style pizza like Iron Born, Driven, and more!

(Iron Born)

In the mood for some old-school Pittsburgh favorites? Die-hards flock to Mineo's, Aiello's, and Fiori's!


Caliente even won "Best Pizza in the World" for their Quack Attack pizza at the International Pizza Expo. 


Or try the local Ohio Valley Style pizza with cold cheese on top like at Beto's for something completely different!


Find a new favorite pizza in our full guide to all the shops we've tried to date!


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