156 Things to Do in Pittsburgh to Stay Busy Every Month of the Year

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We've been doing our best here at Discover the Burgh to help you find new things to do in Pittsburgh, and between our hundreds of articles and dedicated Pittsburgh weekend guides we've covered quite a bit over the years with no end in sight.

One problem we've run into with our weekend guide series is that it is heavily focused towards those looking to visit Pittsburgh– explorers who have every minute of the weekend free from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

For those who live in the city, this intense schedule is often not always practical as you may only be able to do one or two things in any given weekend.

As it turns out, there is so much going on in and around Pittsburgh's 90 neighborhoods that we had no problem filling up an entire year's worth of things to do for those who are able to go out to do one thing every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the year.

To help share these with you, our ultimate guide of 156 of the best things to do in Pittsburgh was born.

After checking out these recommendations, you'll never be bored again!

Navigate 156 Things to Do in Pittsburgh

Our guide contains 156 unique recommendations of things to do in order to help you do something new in Pittsburgh every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the year.

It is worth noting that this guide is not set up such that you have to go tour the observatory only on a weekend in August or that the best time to visit Hitchhiker Brewing is a weekend in February.

In many cases, our selections are made to mix up the list each month.

That being said, this guide does have some seasonal variation built in to it, so we may recommend going skiing at Seven Springs in February or going to Hundred Acres Manor in October in time for Halloween. For obvious reasons, you cannot switch the two around.

Keep these in mind when reading!

To skip around within this guide, click the month or season based on your preference using the links below. This menu will be available at the end of each month’s page to assist in navigation. Otherwise, scroll down to start with January!


Things to Do in Pittsburgh in January

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in January? Check out the following options!


Cocktail at Grapperia in Pittsburgh

Kick off the New Year in style with one of Lawrenceville's trendiest bars- Grapperia!

This bar celebrates the European spirit known as Grappa (one of our favorite spirits), made from fermenting the skins and seeds of grapes after the wine making process is complete.

Grapperia has more of this spirit than any bar in the city, and perhaps even the entire country, so if you're looking to try something different you most certainly won't be let down here.

Looking for more while in Lawrenceville? Why not have dinner at Piccolo Forno, Umami, or possibly take in a movie at Row House Cinema.

Mattress Factory

Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's contemporary art museum, Mattress Factory, is a hard one to describe as the art can be all over the place.

One room is a mirrored hall with hundreds of polka dots that go on for infinity. Another is pitch black to give you sensory deprivation. Yet another may contain a rotating exhibit made entirely out of cardboard, concrete, or some other unusual medium.

That's the fun thing about contemporary art as there is not one style that fits the mold, and this North Side museum does a great job showcasing a blend of permanent and rotating attractions that will have you coming back time and time again.

Looking for more while in the North Side? Check out Randyland, Commonplace Coffee, or read our North Side neighborhood guide for more recommendations!

Tubing at Boyce Park

Tubing at Boyce Park

You don't have to drive all the way out into the mountains to enjoy Pittsburgh activities during the winter.

Allegheny County's Boyce Park offers their own dedicated skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing hills during the winter months- perfect for those who want to get outside without the drive!

Although we advocate going to proper mountains for skiing and snowboarding, the snow tubing hills at Boyce Park makes for a great Sunday afternoon out in town when snow is on the ground.

Looking for more while in the East Side of the city? On your way back in stop in Squirrel Hill to check out Commonplace Coffee or Independent Brewing Company, or if you're back early enough have a late brunch at Square Cafe in Regent Square!

Pittsburgh Winery

Barrels at Pittsburgh Winery

Pittsburgh Winery is one of the most interesting in the city for two reasons.

First, they import all of their grapes from famous wine regions from around the world- meaning they offer wines that are strikingly different from most in western Pennsylvania.

Second, their basement tasting room also includes a stage for live music in between the resting wine barrels- perfect for a Friday night visit!

Have more time in the Strip District? Check out Smallman Galley or Primanti Brothers if you're looking for a meal, or to continue the fun head to Maggie's Farm Rum just a few blocks down the road!

Clemente Museum

Clemente Museum

Out of all of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball players to ever play for the team, there is none with a more famous history than Roberto Clemente. This local baseball icon had an incredible run with the Pirates before his untimely death in 1972 at the age of 38.

To honor the legacy of one of the greats, the Roberto Clemente Museum in Lawrenceville opened. This one covers a wide spectrum of Clemente's history and is a must visit for sports fans and non-sports fans alike.

This one is only open for private visits, so you must call ahead for a tour.

Want to spend more time in Lawrenceville? Grab a coffee at Espresso a Mano or a local beer at Industry Public House!

Dog Sledding at Nemacolin Woodlands

Nemacolin Resort

Our weekend guide series tries to stay as close to Pittsburgh as possible in all recommendations, but when we suggest you drive out of the city for an experience, there is good reason.

Winter dog sledding is one of those reasons, and the Nemacolin Woodlands resorts is one of the only places in western Pennsylvania where you can experience this popular winter activity.

Looking to make a stop on your way home from the Laurel Highlands? Head to Orbis Caffe or Spoonwood Brewery for a quick drink!

Apis Meadery

Apis Meadery

If you've never tried mead (or enjoy it frequently like us), then a visit to Apis Meadery in Carnegie is a must on a Friday night out.

This one focuses on all things mead- fermented honey for those who are not familiar with this drink. The mead at Apis is on the lighter side and their numerous fruit flavors are reminiscent of fruit wines with a honey touch. Be sure to try the spicy ones if they are available!

Seeking more while in Carnegie? Head to Riley's Pour House or make the short trip to Heidelberg to visit Insurrection Brewery for more local beverages!

Jazz at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild

MCG Jazz

For jazz lovers, there is no better spot for a live performance in Pittsburgh than at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild.

This one brings in award winning artists from the world over for their curated lineup. Just be sure to grab tickets to these early as the good seats go fast!

Looking for more in the North Side Head to Allegheny City Brewing for more libations, or grab a meal at Max's Allegheny Tavern just a few doors down!

Bicycle Heaven and Johnny Angel's

Things to Do in Pittsburgh - Bicycle Heaven

On Sunday, you should make a return trip to the North Side to check out Bicycle Heaven– what is claimed to be the largest bicycle museum and store in the country (and possibly the world).

This multi-level store features numerous showrooms of the most unusual and rarest bicycles on the planet (which, in many cases, they have duplicates of). Whatever you do, do not miss their upstairs rooms which are the very best.

Afterwards, check out Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff located right next door- a music museum dedicated to Johnny's impressive 50 year career as a local Pittsburgh musician.

For more things to do in the North Side, why not grab a burger at Bier's Pub, a drink at Rivertowne Brewery, or if the weather is nice take a stroll along the North Shore River Trail?

Downtown Gallery Crawl

Downtown Gallery Crawl

Every quarter the Cultural Trust in downtown Pittsburgh hosts a gallery crawl where the public and private art galleries scattered throughout downtown open up for one fun evening.

As these galleries are typically not open late, this event is the perfect opportunity to explore a side of downtown you may not normally see!

Society for Contemporary Craft

The Society for Contemporary Craft in the Strip District is a unique store with handmade works from local artisans. Throughout the year they offer unique design workshops where you can try your hand at making art yourself. Recent classes have included Monotype Printmaking, Intro to Woodturning, and Enameling.

Wanting to grab a drink or something to eat while down in the Strip? Stop at Kaya, Eleven, or Wigle– three of our favorites!

Heinz History Center

Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA

When it comes to museums about Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, there is none more inspiring than the Heinz History Center– a six floor beast of a museum that covers every aspect of Pittsburgh's history from its early days as a colony (where it even hosted George Washington on several occasions) to modern industries, inventions, and entertainment (they even have the set of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!).

If you've ever wanted to learn more about how Pittsburgh came to be the city we all know and love, this one is a must visit.

Deal alert: Visitors to the Heinz History Center can receive 50% off their ticket price by showing an entry ticket to the Fort Pitt Museum at Point State Park from earlier the same day. The cost of these two tickets together ends up being less than the Heinz History Center ticket alone, but only is valid if you visit the Fort Pitt Museum first!

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in February

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in February? Check out the following options!

Trundle Manor

Trundle Manor

Do you love the offbeat, macabre, steampunk, or the just plain weird? If you said yes to any of these, a visit to Trundle Manor is for you!

This house is the private residence of Mr. Arm and his lovely wife Velda von Minx- two local artists who have what is perhaps the most unusual collection in the city ranging from fetal animals in jars to death rays on the ceiling, and everything in between. An appointment is required to visit.

On your way back into Pittsburgh stop at D's Six Pack and Dogs or Biddle's Escape for a quick bite to eat or coffee, or perhaps head over to Squirrel Hill for a meal at Chengdu Gourmet!


Artifacts Pittsburgh

Not all of us have $20,000 laying around for an antique painting from Europe, a 50′ x 50′ Turkish rug, or a stuffed lion, but that doesn't mean you can't go appreciate all of these wonders at Artifacts in the first place.

We're big fans of this store as it takes high-end shopping to a whole new level, and while we may not be able to afford most of the decorations inside, it is a fun place to fantasize what we'd do if we became overnight millionaires.

Before leaving the West End be sure to take a trip up to the West End Lookout for the incredible Pittsburgh city views!

Covered Bridges in Washington County

Covered Bridge in Washington County

Did you know that neighboring Washington County has the 2nd highest concentrations of covered bridges in Pennsylvania? Did you also know that covered bridges are incredibly gorgeous in the winter surrounded by snow?

We're guessing not, which makes Sundays in February the perfect time to make a trip around Washington County to check out these beautiful pieces of architecture! (Photo credit: UncoveringPA.com)

Hitchhiker Brewing

Hitchhiker Brewing Company

As frequent travelers, we love the name of Hitchhiker Brewing– something we found ourselves doing more often than we'd like to admit when abroad.

This brewery's tap rooms in Mount Lebanon and Sharpsburg feature a strong rotating tap list with many seasonal specials, meaning you will find yourself returning time and time again throughout the year!

While down in the South Hills, continue the night out at Spoonwood Brewery or perhaps grab a bite to eat at Cafe io.

Skiing at Seven Springs

Seven Springs

Located about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh, the ski resort of Seven Springs is one of our favorite trips outside of the city in the winter.

Although you could make a whole weekend (or week) out of enjoying this resort during the winter, it is an easy trip for those looking to make a long day of it in the middle of winter when the slopes are at their finest. (And, if you're motivated for more, Seven Springs is home to some of the best snow tubing in PA!)

After a long day out skiing, be sure to stop at Christian Klay Winery for a glass of wine before the journey home.

Center for PostNatural History

Transgenic Goat at the PostNatural Museum in Pittsburgh

Post-natural history is an unusual study, as it covers anything that has been genetically altered by man.

This can simply be man breeding two unique flowers together to produce a new flower altogether, or it can be as complex as splicing spider DNA into goats such that their milk produces spider's silk (yes, that has really happened and one of those goats is stuffed and on display at the museum).

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the world of genetic engineering, this free museum in Garfield (only open on Sundays) is well worth the visit.

Looking for more in Garfield? Grab a pizza at Spak Brothers, Vietnamese food at Tram's Kitchen in neighboring Bloomfield, or a cup of coffee at Constellation Coffee.

Hidden Harbor

Hidden Harbor

Tiki drinks for everyone! Hidden Harbor is Squirrel Hill's resident tiki bar- an incredible job modern take on this iconic bar style that's making a comeback across the country.

Whether you go for the individual drinks or the boats for two (or more), Hidden Harbor has some of the most unique cocktail combinations in the city that would stand alone with or without the tiki theming.

Looking for another spot for dinner after drinks at this incredible bar? Check out our Squirrel Hill neighborhood guide for plenty of recommendations!

La Hutte Royal

Out of respect to the owner of La Hutte Royal, I'm really not supposed to even be writing about this private collection in Troy Hill. What is it? We can't say- you'll just have to make an appointment to find out for yourself. Trust us when we say that you won't regret it. (Tour is available for those 16+ with advanced registration only).

Stay in Troy Hill for a bite to eat at Scratch Food & Beverage!

Children's Museum

Children's Museum Pittsburgh

For families with young children, a visit to the Children's Museum in Allegheny Center is a must for its numerous exhibits tailored for children of all ages.

For those without kids, the Children's Museum offers a periodic 21+ night (sadly, not on Sundays) for those looking to unleash their inner child without actually having them come along!

There are lot of places to enjoy in the North Side after your visit to the Children's Museum. Those looking to extend the day should visit the Aviary or Bicycle Heaven, and if you're looking for a quick bite to eat grab some takeaway at Quik-It Chicken!

Poetry at the City of Asylum

City of Asylum

The City of Asylum organization in Pittsburgh's North Side is perhaps one of the most unique in the city. One of the group's main goals is to bring in writers who were exiled or persecuted abroad and give them a safe place to continue their writings or to publish a memoir.

There are many public outreach nights setup throughout the year, including jazz poetry and live readings from the writers at their performing arts venue on North Avenue. A must!

If you're looking for a bite to eat in the North Side after the performance, check out Nicky's Thai, Monterey Pub, or Penn Brewery!

Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning

The Cathedral of Learning is an impressive building for a number of reasons. It is one of the tallest educational buildings in the world, the lobby looks like something out of Harry Potter, and the first few floors are filled with themed “nationality rooms” which mimic classrooms from different countries and various historical periods from around the world.

Visit this one when school is not in session to take a self-guided tour of these gorgeous class rooms, and be sure to take the elevator to the 36th floor when you're done for some pretty awesome views of Pittsburgh!

While in Oakland, pay Lulu's Noodles, or Butterjoint a visit for a great meal!

South Side Slopes Trail

Pittsburgh from the South Side Slopes

The hills of the South Side Slopes may not be for the faint of heart, but if climbing staircase after staircase for incredible city views is a challenge you are up for, we can assure you that you will not be let down.

Our favorite walk is a slightly modified version of the popular church route, which can be found at the link at the beginning of this section.

While in the South Side, warm up with a coffee at Big Dog Coffee or grab a bite to eat at Double Wide Grill.

Pittsburgh Ballet

Pittsburgh's Benedum Center

Pittsburgh's ballet is one of the more recent success stories in the city, and the organization has seen rapid expansions over the past few years.

Shows are put on throughout the year at their locations in the Strip District and at the historic Benedum Center in downtown Pittsburgh. With recent shows including Giselle, The Nutcracker, and Alice in Wonderland, you truly have a lot of options to choose from throughout the year!

If you're in the mood for something quick while downtown, consider Proper Brick Oven or Braddock's Street Side– two great restaurants downtown. If you have a few minutes to spare afterwards, be sure to check out Cell Phone Disco behind the Benedum Center, too!

City Views in the Hill District

Pittsburgh's hill District

The Hill District has a somewhat bad stigma about it; however, this neighborhood is home to many incredible views of Pittsburgh, including at the Boy Scouts of America Building, the lookout at Reed Street, and the lookouts on Arcena Street and Memory Lane (where you can get a good view of the Strip District)!

After exploring the Hill District, we like to head down to Kaibur Coffee in Polish Hill for a quick pick up and a vegan sandwich. Or of that is not your thing, head down to the Strip District to try Penn Avenue Fish Company or Chicken Latino while you're there!

Bike the Montour Trail

Enlow Tunnel

For biking enthusiasts, there is no trail better than the Montour Trail located near Robinson Township to the southwest of the city.

This trail connects up to the Great Allegheny Passage and continues all the way from Pittsburgh down to Washington DC in an epic, 150-mile journey.

You may not want to make the entire journey yourself, but the stretches of path along the Montour route are incredibly beautiful, and even include an old train tunnel (the Enlow Tunnel) well worth exploring!

After a long day exploring the trails, head over to Robinson Township and make a stop at Burgatory for a delicious burger.

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in March

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in March? Check out the following options!

Pittsburgh Glass Center

If you've ever looked for a workshop where you can create something with your hands, but want something a bit more adventurous, a session at the Pittsburgh Glass Center is for you.

This facility offers many classes including Beadmaking, Blown Ornaments, and Coasters- perfect for those of all skill levels wanting to try their hand at something incredibly unique!

In the mood for something to eat before or after your class? Check out Apteka or Spoon nearby!

Mellon Park Walled Garden

Mellon Park Memorial in Pittsburgh

Not every experience included in this guide is a happy one, and the memorial at the Mellon Park Walled Garden is most certainly a somber one.

Dedicated to Ann Katharine Seamans, a Pittsburgh native who tragically passed away at a tragically young age, the memorial at the garden is special because it can only be seen at night! Hundreds of LED lights are embedded into the ground, and when visible after dark show the constellations found over Pittsburgh at the moment of Ann's birth in 1979.

After your visit to the Walled Garden, head over to Shadyside for a meal at The Yard or Casbah and then grab some ice cream at Millie's!

Harrison Hills Park

Fun Things to Do in Pittsburgh, PA - Harrison Hills Park

The hiking trails at Harrison Hills Park span for many miles, but our favorite, the Rachel Carson trail, is the one you should check out on this visit.

This trail is an out and back path with some stunning views of the Allegheny River to the east of the city. Just be sure to visit this one before the leaves are back on the trees as the best views are hidden during the summer months!

If you're in the mood for a slight detour on the way back from Harrison Hills, head to Wooden Door Winery for some amazing wine!

Fineview Lookout

Fineview Lookout

As its name suggests, the neighborhood of Fineview is home to a pretty fine view of the city (we couldn't help ourselves).

The lookout on Catoma Street is a perfect place to spend a Friday evening at sunset to appreciate an angle of the city many do not venture out to explore!

If you want another great view while in the area, head over to St. John's Cemetery in Spring Garden, and then head down to the North Side for a drink at Huszar.

Photo Antiquities Museum

Photo Antiquities Museum in Pittsburgh

We all love photography (us especially), but most of us have not taken the time to appreciate the history of this 100+ year old art form.

Enter the Photo Antiquities Museum, one of the finest collections of photography history in the country, featuring artifacts and exhibits from the early days of photography all the way to the present.

Tours are by reservation only and run until early afternoon on most Saturdays.

While in Deutschtown, check out Max's Allegheny Tavern– one of our favorites!

Clayton (The Frick Estate)

The Frick House

Out of all of the industrial magnates that once called Pittsburgh home, the estate of only one, Henry Clay Frick, still stands.

This gorgeous 19th century home is kept in perfect order to match the style from when the Fricks lived there, and is open for tours throughout the week to see what life was like for the rich in the early 1900s!

After visiting Clayton, head over to East Liberty to check out Dinette or grab a beer at East End Brewery.

Full Pint Wild Side

Full Pint Wild Side

Full Pint is a regional brewery located in North Versailles, PA, that opened a restaurant and tap house in Lawrenceville to serve local favorites like White Lightning (a hefewiezen), Chinookie IPA, many seasonal creations, and more.

Lawrenceville is full of some of the city's best food and drinking options. For those who want another round, be sure to check out Roundabout Brewery and Grapperia– two of our favorites!

Phipps Spring Flower Show

Phipps Conservatory in Oakland

Phipps Conservatory is the premier conservatory in Western Pennsylvania and is home to nearly a dozen rooms with various themes to showcase some of the world's best flowers and plants.

Each March the gardens unveil their most popular show, the Spring Flower Show, which features dozens of amazing spring flowers as well as art pieces curated to each show's unique theme.

If you only have time to visit the conservatory for one show a year, make it this one.

After Phipps you can easily go explore Oakland or Squirrel Hill, so why not grab a Japanese takeaway box at Oishii Bento, frozen yogurt at Razzy Fresh, or a drink at the tiki bar Hidden Harbor?

Duquesne Incline

Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh

During the height of the industrial age in Pittsburgh, the city built many funiculars on the sides of the hills so residents could make their way up and down the hillsides to and from work with ease.

With the advent of cars and modern roads most of these were shut down, but two, the Monongahela and Duquesne Inclines on Mount Washington, still stand.

The Duquesne Incline is a special favorite thanks to its breathtaking views of the city and the mini-museum covering the history of Pittsburgh's funiculars inside.

(Insider secret- be sure to go to the Point of View Statue, located just up the hill to the right after exiting the incline at the top station. You won't regret it!)

Broadway in Pittsburgh

Broadway in Pittsburgh

From Cats to Lion King, The King and I to Hamilton, Pittsburgh's Cultural District does a great job of bringing some of the country's most acclaimed performances to the city throughout the year.

So on this March Friday, dress to the nines and head downtown to take in a show!

If you have a bit of time before your show, make a reservation for Meat and Potatoes or Pork and Beans. If you need a quicker bite, check out Bill's Bar & Burger at the Westin Convention Center– home to some of our favorite burgers in the city.

Aurochs Brewing Co

Auroch's Brewing

Aurochs Brewing Co. is Emsworth's neighborhood brewery, and is also the city's only brewery that is 100% gluten free!

Their beers are made from millet and quinoa and include a white ale, brown ale, amber ale, and pale ale that are just as delicious as other local breweries' gluten-containing counterparts. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon beer!

Emsworth is in great proximity to many restaurants to enjoy after grabbing a pint. Check out Sharp Edge or Ephesus Pizza if you're in the mood for something to eat before heading home!

Trillium Trail

Trillium Trail

The Trillium flower is a rather rare flower to Western Pennsylvania, and there are only a few places around the city to spot it during its brief March/April bloom.

The aptly named Trillium Trail in Fox Chapel is one of these places, and this small hiking trail becomes to go-to place for flower fans in early spring (and is a peaceful nature reserve for the rest of the year).

Keep the hiking going while exploring north of the city and check out Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve.

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in April

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in April? Check out the following options!

Kickback Pinball Cafe

Kickback Cafe

Kickback Cafe is a unique business in Lawrenceville as it is one part trendy coffee shop and one part pinball arcade!

So rather than swinging by a traditional coffee shop for a late night pick-me-up, head down to this one for a bit of fun while sipping on on your coffee! Just don't forget your quarters.

Looking for more while in Lawrenceville? Why not grab a meal at Smoke BBQ Taqueria or a beer at Church Brew Works?

Fort Pitt Museum

Fort Pitt Museum

It is our opinion that everyone in the region should be familiar with the history of Western Pennsylvania, and no museum does a better job covering the days of the early settlements than the Fort Pitt Museum located in Point State Park.

Afterwards, be sure to visit the Block House just a few steps away. It is one of the only remaining buildings from the settlement days, and it's the oldest building in Pittsburgh!

While still in downtown, head over to the rooftop Biergarten at the Hotel Monaco if the weather is nice. If you have extra time, take your ticket from the Fort Pitt Museum to the Heinz History Center to receive 50% off admission!

Razzy Fresh

RazzyFresh in Pittsburgh

Out of all of the ice cream and frozen yogurt shops in Pittsburgh, Razzy Fresh has to be our favorite.

This local chain specializes in tart yogurts and also frequently has unusual Asian style flavors including taro, Japanese plum, lychee, and more that we simply can't get enough of. With two locations in Oakland you can easily get your fix no matter where you are this Sunday!

If you visit Razzy Fresh's Oakland location, take a stroll through Oakland and visit the Cathedral of Learning, the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, or have lunch at Lulu's Noodles.

Allegheny Wine Mixer

Allegheny Wine Mixer

With the recent explosion of bars, breweries, and restaurants in Lawrenceville, one type of establishment was missing- a classy wine bar. The folks at Allegheny Wine Mixer noticed this problem, too, and opened up a cozy spot on Butler Street where patrons can come celebrate all things wine.

But don't worry, beer and cocktail lovers have great options here too, making this one of the best corner bars in all of Lawrenceville.

Make a night of it in Lawrenceville, and go for another round at Industry Public House, a snack at Franktuary, or a late-night round of bowling at Arsenal Bowl.

Forbes Field at Pitt Campus

Forbes Field Wall in Oakland

Long before PNC Park, there was Forbes Field- the iconic baseball stadium that hosted the likes of Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente, and the famous 1960 World Series where the Pirates won thanks to a home run by Bill Mazeroski in the bottom of the 9th of game seven.

Little remains of the field today except for the outfield wall on Roberto Clemente Drive, and the home plate enshrined inside Posvar Hall on Pitt's campus in roughly the same location where it originally sat- a pilgrimage spot for many baseball fans worth checking out on a spring Saturday.

Oakland is full of many tasty places to eat, so if exploring the neighborhood's baseball history made you hungry, check out Stack'd, or everyone's favorite ice cream shop- Dave and Andy's.

Bike Ride on the South Side River Trail

South Side Bike Trail

There are many trails inside the Pittsburgh city limits worth exploring, but one, the South Side River Trail, is best seen on a bike to cover more ground.

Pick up a bike from the Healthy Ride kiosk at one of the five stations along Carson Street in the South Side, and bike your way to South Side Works to check out the Hot Metal Bridge, and continue down for as long as you are able to enjoy the trails and unique city views!

After taking a ride on the river trail, grab lunch at Waffles INCaffeinated, Fatheads, or La Palapa.

Hop Farm Brewery

Hop Farm Brewing Co. in Lawrenceville

Contrary to its name, Hop Farm Brewery does not produce an abundance of overly hoppy beers (although if you like IPAs, you'll have your fill).

This brewery appreciates the nuances that hops can provide in a beer, and has a wonderful spread of creations that even the most hops-adverse beer drinker (namely, us) can enjoy.

Looking for more in Lawrenceville? Check out Church Brewworks, Morcilla, or Smoke Taqueria!

Highland Park

Highland Park

When you hear the name Highland Park, your first thought may be about the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium- the neighborhoods largest tourist attraction.

But the park this neighborhood is named for is well worth a visit as it is home to numerous hiking trails, a gorgeous drinking water reservoir with walking paths, a European style park and gardens, and more- all accessible without leaving the city!

Want to stick around in Highland Park after your visit to the park? Head over to Tazza d'Oro for a cup of coffee or Teppanyaki Kyoto for a delicious Japanese meal.

Construction Junction

Construction Junction in Pittsburgh

For most, spring also is a time for planning home improvement projects for the year. Take a trip to Construction Junction, Pittsburgh's largest reuse store to find items that need a little TLC to bring them to their former glory.

As this store is based on the donation model, you never know what you're going to find!

Looking to grab a drink after a long morning shopping? Check out East End Brewery nearby!

Mr. Small's Theater

Mr Smalls Funhouse in Millvale

For the music lover, one of our favorite venues in the region is Mr. Small's Theater in Millvale.

This concert hall was once a church, and has now been converted into an intimate venue for live music of all genres. For those who like seats, the organ and choir balcony has been turned into private seating with incredible stage views. (The best part? Your balcony ticket price is converted 100% to food and alcohol credit, so if you plan on dining the seats come at no extra charge!)

Want to grab a drink before the show? Check out Strange Roots or Gristhouse breweries which are both within walking distance!

Saint Anthony's Chapel


You do not have to be Catholic to appreciate Saint Anthony's Chapel as it is home to the highest number of relics outside of the Vatican.

At last count this church holds over 5,000 unique relics, and is a pilgrimage spot for the faithful (and curious) the world over. (Photo credit: Uncovering PA)

After visiting Saint Anthony's Chapel, grab a bite to eat at nearby Pear and the Pickle or head down to Lawrenceville to visit Pusadee's Garden.

Settler's Cabin Park

Settler's Cabin Park

Settler's Cabin Park is a small Allegheny County park located near Robinson Township west of the city.

What this park lacks in size it makes up for in hiking options as it is the only park in the region where you can hike the entirety of the park's trails in one visit (something we always appreciate).

Be sure to make the added detours to the mini-waterfall in the park's center, and the cabin located on the main road on the park's outskirts.

Want to continue hiking nearby? Visit the Enlow Tunnel on the Montour Trail.

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in May

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in May? Check out the following options!

Riverhounds Game

Riverhounds Stadium in Pittsburgh

As a sports-crazed city, Pittsburgh has just about everything for those looking to cheer on a local team.

Our resident soccer team is the Riverhounds, and their stadium is perfectly located in Station Square, just across from the city. Check out their schedule and visit for a Friday night game in May to cheer them on!

Want to explore before or after the game? Consider a ride on the Gateway Clipper or Monongahela Incline, or head down to La Palapa in South Side for some amazing Mexican tacos.

Sewickley Park

Sewickley Park

Have a furry friend? Sewickley Park is as much for humans as it is for their favorite pooches!

This 1,000+ acre forest includes many blazed trails where dogs are allowed to visit off-leash with their humans. The trails here are not well marked, so you may want to order a park map in advance (most trails seem to end up at a main path, however, so it is easy to navigate with some intuition).

After visiting Sewickley Park, grab a gluten-free beer at Auroch's or a Turkish pizza at Ephesus.

Point State Park

Point State Park at Sunset

Point State Park has numerous activities to partake in on a Sunday, be it just hanging out around the fountain watching the boats go by, exploring the remnants of the old forts, or taking a stroll on one of the river trails outlining downtown on both sides.

You can do a lot here, but we highly recommend taking the trail on the south side of the park and heading down to the Mon Wharf during this visit to check out one of the most architecturally interesting sides of downtown Pittsburgh that most seem to miss!

While exploring downtown, why not grab a drink at The Commoner or a bite to eat at tako!

Pirates Game

PNC Park - Pittsburgh, PA

Raise the Jolly Roger! Head down to PNC Park for a Friday night game in May to cheer on the Buccos.

May is the perfect time for a Friday night game as the weather is still mild, the crowd is ready to ring in the weekend, and, depending on the year, the Buccos still have a shot at a winning season.

While at PNC Park, be sure to grab a piece of NY pizza at Slice and a beer from Rivertowne Brewing!

Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens

When you think of botanical gardens in Pittsburgh, your first thought is likely about Phipps Conservatory in Oakland.

But did you know that the city is home to a second botanic gardens in Oakdale (near Robinson Township)? This 460-acre property is a lovely outdoor garden that is perfect for a Saturday afternoon stroll while the late spring flowers are still out.

After visiting Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens, make a reservation for an incredible (and fancy) dinner out at Hyeholde.


Randyland is one of the most Unique Pennsylvania Attractions

If you are feeling down about yet another Sunday in the Burgh, head to Randyland, a place that is aptly called Pittsburgh's most colorful spot.

This attraction is the brainchild of Randy, a local artisan who wanted to bring color and happiness to the North Side in the mid-90s when the neighborhood desperately needed it.

His project grew, and grew, and is now a neighborhood icon that you have to see to believe.

Want to spend more time in the Mexican War Streets? Head up the staircase on Arch Street for an amazing Pittsburgh view, or walk through the City of Asylum's art pieces on Sampsonia Way on your way to Commonplace Coffee!

South Side Bar Crawl

Are you 21 (or maybe 21 several times over) and looking for an epic bar crawl? Pittsburgh's South Side is calling for you.

With bars of all sizes, qualities, and offerings on just about every corner, this neighborhood is the perfect spot for those wanting a night out that lasts well into the following morning.

Looking for a few quick stops for food? Why not try the Pub Chip Shop, Fatheads, or, if you have a bit more time, Streets on Carson?

Raccoon State Park

Raccoon Creek State Park

Located about 30 minutes west of Pittsburgh, Raccoon Creek State Park is a 7,500-acre forest which includes a massive lake and even a wildflower reserve.

Add in the fact that there are over 40 miles of hiking trails and very few visitors, this is one spot where you can get out and experience nature almost entirely alone!

On your way back into Pittsburgh stop in Westwood/Greentree to visit Antney's for some delicious ice cream.

North Park

North Park Lake in Pittsburgh

It is rare for us to recommend two of the same kind of activities in any given weekend in this guide, but in early spring we can't help but want to be outside as much as possible.

If the weather is nice, head up to North Park on Sunday to take a long walk around the lake, or possibly head up into one of the main trails in the forest before having lunch at the OTB Bicycle Cafe along the shores of the lake.

Want a glass of wine after your hike? Drive over to Gibsonia to visit the impressive Casa Narcisi winery.

West End Lookout

West End Lookout

While Grandview Avenue is the most iconic place for skyline views in the city, the West End Lookout is perhaps the second most popular spot to see the city we all love.

This tiny park located in the West End is home to an incredible view of the city that is beautiful day or night (and is one of our preferred spots to check out the city's many fireworks shows!).



The end of May marks one very important date in Pittsburgh- opening day of Kennywood!

Head down to this one in the late spring before the crowds pickup and the lines get long. We can already smell the potato patch fries now.

If you leave Kennywood early, check out Brew Gentlemen in Braddock for of our favorite beer in the region, or head over to Blue Dust in Homestead for sandwiches with house-smoked meat.

St John's Cemetery Views

St. John's Cemetery Views

If the skyline views on Friday inspire you to find more, head over to Spring Garden on Sunday to check out an angle of the city you've likely never seen before- from St. John's Cemetery!

This spot is often considered to be one of the best kept secrets in the North Side, and although we are suggesting you should visit, keep in mind this is a cemetery and to be respectful at all times.

After checking out the view why not head over to Troy Hill for a meal at Scratch or visit Perry Hilltop for a hike around Riverview park?

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in June

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in June? Check out the following options!

Strange Roots Experimental Ales

Strange Roots in Pittsburgh

Fancy a sour beer? Strange Roots (formerly Draai Laag) in Millvale focuses on wild fermentation and produces an impressive array of beers in similar style to the Belgian sours that we absolutely adore.

Their continued efforts in wild fermentation research means you'll never know what is coming out next, which has us returning on a near monthly basis. Even better? In 2018 they expanded their portfolio to brew more experimental beers beyond the sours, meaning they now truly have beer for everyone with an adventurous palate!

Dave & Andy's

Dave and Andy's

The ice cream shop Dave & Andy's is an Oakland institution, serving up popular flavors as salted caramel, wild berry crumble, and maple bacon to name a few.

Add in a homemade waffle cone and you have the makings of an incredible local treat! (Just remember that they are cash only.)

Oakland is full of some incredible things to see, do, and eat. If you're looking for a bite, consider Fuel and Fuddle or Stack'd. Or if you want a local attraction, the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are always worth a visit.

Frick Park

Frick Park

Frick Park, named after the industrialist who owned the bulk of Squirrel Hill in his private residence, is one of the largest parks within the city limits.

It is home to tennis courts, playgrounds, an off-leash dog park, and numerous hiking trails with varying grade changes. So if you are looking to get out and stretch your legs on a gorgeous spring day, a visit to Frick Park is a must!

After exploring Frick Park you have a lot of options in Squirrel Hill or Regent Square. Why not grab a cup of coffee at Biddle's Escape, brunch at Pamela's, or take in another hike at Schenley Park?

Pirates Fireworks Night

Pirates Fireworks

Roughly six times throughout the year the Pirates host a Zambelli fireworks night– a 15-minute pyrotechnic display at the end of their baseball games.

Win, lose, or run well into the night, this show is often the highlight of the game and can be enjoyed from the stadium itself, along the banks of the Allegheny River, or high on Mount Washington.

If you find yourself downtown for the fireworks, why not end the night with a drink at Butcher and the Rye, Speakeasy, or The Commoner?

Berry Picking

Paskorz Strawberries

The end of spring coincides with the start of berry season, and we are thankful that Pittsburgh has numerous local farms that are open for pick your own fruit.

Strawberry season typically happens in the region around mid-June, as is red raspberry and cherry season too, and our favorite places to go pick our favorite berry is at Paskorz Berry Farm, Triple B, and Norman's Orchard.

Just be sure to arrive early as this one gets picked over quickly!

After berry picking, grab a custard from Glen's Custard or head to our favorite butcher, Mish Farms Meat Market, to stock your freezer.

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Out of all of the events that take place in downtown Pittsburgh throughout the year, arguably the most popular is the Three Rivers Arts Festival which occurs over 10 days at the beginning of June.

Local artisans can be found throughout the festival areas downtown showcasing their work and selling unique products. If you consider yourself a fan of independent artists, this one is a must.

If you're looking or more downtown, grab a meal at Emporio's Meatballs or Revel & Roost!

Ollie's Gastropub

Ollie's Gastropub

Do you want a drink with a view are looking for something a bit different than Grandview Ave? Check out Ollie's Gastropub at the Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh, home to what we think are some of the best cocktails in the city.

This spot is perched on the top floor of the Oliver Building and has an incredible view of the skyline right from the heart of the city (plus a great view of home plate at PNC Park if you can plan your visit to coincide with a game).

Want to grab a meal while downtown? Check out Proper Brick Oven nearby!

Antney's Ice Cream

Antney's in Pittsburgh

Antney's Ice Cream is a seasonal ice cream shop located in Greentree/Westwood in a semi-busy shopping district.

Known for its over the top flavors (think salted caramel with candied bacon, Elista's peanut butter chocolate crunch, and even blackberry pound cake) the ice cream here has an incredibly creamy texture that is almost custard like. Be sure to take your furry friend for a Pup Cup- a personal favorite of our dog Tamale.

Keep the day going by driving over to Mount Washington to check out the views! While there, grab lunch at Shiloh Grill or a drink at The Summit!

Canton Avenue

Steepest Street in the USA

Did you know that Pittsburgh is home to the steepest road in the USA (and ignoring a possible error in the Guinness Book of World Records- even the world)?

Canton Avenue in Beechview sits on a staggering 37.5 percent grade and is frequently used in commercials. It's also part of a crazy Pittsburgh bike race known as the Dirty Dozen (featuring twelve of the city's craziest roads).

Does your car have what it can takes to make it up to the top?

After you finish having fun on Canton Avenue, stop at Las Palmas grocery store for some amazing tacos or Slice on Broadway for a delicious NY style pizza.

Church Brewworks

Church Brewworks

One of Pittsburgh's most iconic breweries is Church Brewworks as it resides in a de-sanctified church in Lawrenceville.

With a playful atmosphere that acknowledges its past (such as the slogan “On the 8th Day, Man Invented Beer”), a large beer menu, and an even larger food menu, you could easily make a night at this one without any extra effort.

If you want to keep the night going in Lawrenceville, grab a drink at Allegheny Wine Mixer, Full Pint Wild Side, or Umami.

Cinema in Grandview Park

Cinema in the Park Grandview

Citi Parks loves to host free events at the numerous parks around the city, especially on summer weekends, and one of our favorites is Cinema in Grandview Park.

With the skyline in the background and a recent Hollywood hit showing on a big screen, you really can't go wrong here. Gather some friends, a blanket, and enjoy the show in one of the best spots in the city.

Before the show, grab a snack at Grandview Bakery, a quick meal at Micro Diner, or a drink at The Summit!

Boyce Park

Boyce Park

Boyce Park on the east side of Allegheny County is a 1,000+ acre park that is home to numerous winter and summer activities, with hiking and mountain biking being two of the most popular on Sunday.

The popular log cabin trail is an easy hike for all skill levels, and, if timed correctly, can coincide with the Sunday opening hours of the historical log cabin at the beginning of the trail.

After you get done hiking, if it is early try out brunch at Square Cafe in Regent Square, or if it is later in the day head over to Squirrel Hill to visit Everyday Noodles!

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in July

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in July? Check out the following options!

Play Tourist on a Duck Tour or Double Decker Tour

Just Ducky Tour

One of the goals we have this site is to visit every business and attraction the city of Pittsburgh has to offer. In many cases, this feels like playing tourist in our own city as we check out neighborhoods and attractions we'd not otherwise see.

You should do the same with a city tour on the land (via the Double Decker Tour Company) or river (via Duck Tours).

Yes, they're both a bit campy, but playing tourist in your own backyard is always a fun way to experience the city in a different way.

After departing the duck tour in South Side, grab a meal at Double Wide Grill or Local on Carson!

Street Food in the Strip

Lucy's Banh Mi in the Strip District

More often than not, when we recommend going down to the Strip District, we follow it up with a long list of incredible restaurants that you absolutely must try.

What we overlook in many cases is the fact that the Strip District is home to some of the best international street food in Pittsburgh. So on this Saturday you should head down with one goal in mind- eat as much street food as possible.

Although there are tons of options, we personally recommend Lucy's Banh Mi (near Bar Marco most days in the summer), the egg rolls from the Thai cart on the right side of Roland's Seafood Grill, the mung bean pancakes from Sambok Korean Grocery, tacos from Reyna's or Edgar's, and that is just to start!

Be sure to check out our Strip District guide for more recommendations on what to do in Pittsburgh's favorite neighborhood (okay fine, our favorite neighborhood).

Yoga in Market Square

PPG Place from Market Square

If you're like us, odds are good you're going to over indulge on Saturday, so why not head down to Market Square on Sunday for their summer yoga series? Join a few hundred new friends for one of the largest outdoor yoga events in the city.

After a great yoga session, why not grab one of Prandtl's famous almond tortes? (We won't judge; we'll see you there as they're one of the most popular bakeries in Pittsburgh!)

Allegheny City Brewing

Allegheny City Brewing

Allegheny City Brewing is Deutschtown's neighborhood brewery, and has an interesting assortment of beers with flavors you will not find anywhere else (including Habanero Stout, a Brown Ale aged on Commonplace Coffee, a Graham Cracker Stout, and more!).

After grabbing a round (or two) of beer, grab a meal at Max's Allegheny Tavern, shaved ice at Gus & Yia Yia's, or make a bit of a drive further north to the Pittsburgh BBQ Company.

Raspberry Picking at Triple B

Triple B Raspberries

When it comes to picking raspberries, there is no farm better than Triple B berry farm in Monongahela, PA.

This 400 acre estate is known for far and wide for its berry picking, and we've always had great luck finding the fruit here during the season.

On your way back into town, pick up a pizza at Fiori's or Beto's– two local favorites!

Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch

Bach Beethoven and Brunch

We are featuring several Citi Park events in our weekend guide series, and one of our favorites is the Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch in Mellon Park that takes place on Sunday mornings in the summer months.

In this event a different local ensemble, including the likes of the Pittsburgh Philharmonic, Allegheny Brass Band, Aeolian Winds, and more, performs a classical music concert each Sunday. The non-alcoholic mimosas, however, are on you.

After taking in the incredible performance, grab lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Point Brugge in Point Breeze, or head over to Garfield to check out the Center for PostNatural History.

Deutschtown Music Festival

Deutschtown Music Festival

The Deutschtown Music Festival converts several blocks in this North Side neighborhood into one of the biggest concert arenas in the city with over 180 bands on no fewer than six unique stages.

Be sure to confirm the dates for this year's festival and check it out!

Many of the bars and restaurants in Deutschtown are open for the festival, including Max's Allegheny Tavern, and Allegheny City Brewing. Check them out while you are there!

Blueberry Picking at Trax Farms

Trax Farms

Mid-July also coincides with blueberry season in southwestern Pennsylvania, and one of our favorite spots to pick is Trax Farms located south of the city.

The reason we love this one is because they do a great job regulating the picking of the bushes, and close early and even skip days to ensure the plants are not over-picked.

While this may be an inconvenience in being able to visit on the exact day you want to, we've always come away with an incredible haul of blueberries when we are able to make a trip to this farm.

On your way back into Pitsburgh Grab a beer at Spoonwood Brewery!

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

Polar Bears at the Pittsburgh Aquarium

Lions, tigers, and bears- oh my. (Sorry, can't resist.) The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium highlights animals from around the world as well as an aquatic section that would put most standalone aquariums to shame.

Our favorite exhibit is the walk-through polar bear tunnel, and on a recent visit we had the show of our lives as the polar bears played over head.

Looking for a bite to eat in Highland Park? Check out Teppanyaki Kyoto, Park Bruges, or Smiling Banana Leaf– three of our favorites!

Glen's Frozen Custard

Glen's Frozen Custard

As far as ice cream in the greater Pittsburgh area is concerned, Glen's Frozen Custard has an almost cult-like following behind it. Mention its name and people start drooling, while others get in their cars immediately to make the drive to Springdale to have a scoop (or three). This simple stand focuses on quality custard and seasonal specials, meaning that although its appearance may give you reason to pause, the custard surely does not.

Riverview Jazz

Jazz at Riverview Park

Another great event hosted by Citi Parks in the summer months is the Saturday jazz at Riverview Park. Cast in the shadow of the beautiful Allegheny Observatory, music lovers gather on the hillside to listen to some of the best live jazz in the city- absolutely free!

After the performance, stick around to enjoy a Hollywood blockbuster movie screening, or head down to the North Side for dinner at Monterey Pub or takeout at Quik-It Chicken.

Vintage Grand Prix

The Vintage Grand Prix is an annual tradition in Pittsburgh that spans several weekends with many events focusing on all things automobile.

The event culminates with a vintage car race around Schenley Park that is unlike anything the city ever sees (outside of this event, of course). So whether you head down for the events over several weekends, or just come check out the grand finale race at the end, this event proves that there is a car lover in everyone. We guarantee it.

While in Oakland, grab a meal at The Porch or Lulu's Noodles or explore the Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning!

Gristhouse Brewery

Grist House in Pittsburgh

In the heat of the summer, we can think of no thing better to do on a Friday night than to head out and get a beer in an outdoor beer garden.

Gristhouse Brewery in Millvale has one of the largest we've seen in the region, and is also a dog friendly spot that is the perfect place to let the night go by.

If you're looking to keep drinking after visiting the Gristhouse, head down the street to Strange Roots to try out a few Belgian sours!


If the heat of the summer is still with you on Saturday, head down to Sandcastle water park in West Homestead for a day enjoying water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and more.

You don't have to be a kid to get a thrill out of this one, although by the end of the day you may certainly feel like one again.

Deer Lakes Park

Deer Lakes Park

Deer Lakes Park is one of our favorite parks to explore in Allegheny County as it has a wonderful selection of things to do- from fishing in the man-made lakes (which are beautiful), hiking in the well marked trails, or even playing disc golf on what is perhaps the county's best course.

No matter what you are in the mood to enjoy, Deer Lakes Park should have it and is well worth the visit this Sunday.

In the mood for something sweet after your hike? Check out Glen's Custard nearby!

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in August

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in August? Check out the following options!

Handel's Ice Cream

Handels in Pittsburgh

There are many regional ice cream chains that have a strong presence in Pittsburgh, but none are more popular than Handel's.

This Ohio-based chain has two stores in the city, and serves up crazy flavors like Spouse Like a House, Graham Central Station, and our personal favorite, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, that are an absolute must try on a hot summer Friday. (We recommend their McKnight Road branch!)

Carrie Furnaces

Carrie Furnaces

Throughout this guide we recommend many museums where you can go to learn about Pittsburgh's rich history. But sometimes we think that going to a museum is not enough- you need to get out there and see the history first hand.

At the Carrie Furnaces in Rankin, you can do just that on their weekend tour of some of the last remaining blast furnaces in the city (now maintained as a historical site by the Rivers of Steel Heritage foundation).

Your impression of Pittsburgh steel will never be the same after this one! (Reservations required)

After visiting the Carrie Furnaces, head on over to Homestead to check out the site of the Battle of Homestead and grab a meal at Blue Dust. Or if you'd rather stick around in Braddock, head to Brew Gentlemen for a beer.

Millie's Ice Cream

Millie's Ice Cream

Millie's Ice Cream is rather new to the Pittsburgh dessert scene, but they are quickly making waves as one of the best ice cream producers in the region.

Staples like Salted Caramel and Vietnamese Coffee will get you hooked, and their seasonal flavors will have you returning time and time again.

While in Shadyside, grab a cup of coffee from Adda Coffee, a delicious bowl of noodles from Noodlehead, and head over to Roslyn Place to check out Pittsburgh's wooden street!

Garfield First Fridays

Garfield First Friday

Garfield is quickly becoming the place to be for local artists, and the First Fridays event (known as Unblurred) is a great time to get out to this underappreciated neighborhood to see the latest products of many talented artists.

Out of all of the First Friday events that go on in the city, this is one of our favorites.

While exploring the night market, be sure to try a few awesome Pittsburgh food trucks! Or if you're in the mood for some delicious cocktails, head down to the Whitfield Hotel in East Liberty.

Three Rivers Regatta

Food Truck Rally at the Three Rivers Regatta

Each year Pittsburgh hosts one of the biggest water-based festivals in the region- the Three Rivers Regatta.

Over the course of the weekend Pittsburgh's rivers are turned into a playground for boaters and water sports of all kinds. So head down to the Point on this mid-summer Friday night and enjoy the festivities (as well as one of the city's biggest food truck rallies)!

Gus & Yia Yia's

Things to Do in Pittsburgh - Gus and Yia Yia's

Gus & Yia Yia's is not only one of Pittsburgh's oldest businesses, it is one of the most unique.

This shaved ice cart on the North Side has been doing it the old fashioned way since the 1930s (founded by Gus's father). One giant brick of ice, a rudimentary shaving implement, upper body strength, and syrup are the ingredients, and on a hot summer day the line for this one can be quite long but is well worth the wait!

While in the North Side, be sure to walk around Lake Elizabeth or take a stroll along the North Shore River Trail!

Roslyn Place

Roslyn Place in Shadyside

Did you know that Pittsburgh is home to a street made entirely out of wood?

Roslyn Place in Shadyside may be small, but it is one of the most historically significant as it is one of the last remaining wood streets in the USA.

You certainly drive by this one all the time, so on this week be sure to make a stop to check it out!

Looking for more in Shadyside? Check out Noodlehead, Casbah, or Millie's Ice Cream!

Peach Picking at Simmon's Farm

Simmon's Farm

Come mid-August, peach season is in full swing and in Pittsburgh there is no farm better suited for peach picking than Simmon's Farm in McMurray, PA.

This is one of the most beautiful farms you'll visit in the region, and their abundance of peach trees will ensure you do not leave disappointed. Just be careful as bees love the peaches that fall to the ground!

On your way back in to Pittsburgh, grab a coffee at Orbis Caffee or a few slices of pizza at Beto's.

Carnegie Museum of Art and History

Carnegie Museum of Art

You wouldn't think of Pittsburgh as being home to one of the country's premier art and natural history museums, but it is true and it is all thanks to the legacy of Andrew Carnegie.

Dozens upon dozens of rooms await with some of the world's best art and natural history collections.

Be sure to check out Dinosaurs in Their Time, Hillman Hall of Gems and Minerals, and Hall of Architecture- three of our favorites!

Want to grab a bite to eat while in Oakland? Check out The Porch and end your meal with some frozen yogurt at Razzyfresh.

Spoonwood Brewery


Out of all of the breweries we've visited in Pittsburgh, Spoonwood Brewery in Bethel Park is one of the best for families as it is as much of a restaurant as it is a working brewery. We went for the beer (try the Astrid Belgian pale if it is available), but stayed for the handcrafted pizzas and sides that are sure to please guests of all ages.

Squirrel Hill Night Market

Squirrel Hill Night Market

Pittsburgh loves its farmers markets, this is true, but did you know that Squirrel Hill is host to a new night market that occurs several times throughout the summer?

Murray Avenue closes down for this one, and food trucks, vendors, artisans, and musicians fill the streets for an event that is as much of a block party as it is a market. But be careful to check the schedule- this one only happens a few times per summer!

If the food trucks at the night market don't fill you up, give Nu Modern Jewish Bistro or Chaya Japanese a try!

Hartwood Acres Concert Series

Hartwood Acres

We absolutely love Hartwood Acres as the mansion on site is one of the most beautiful in the city and the hiking trails can keep you busy over the course of many visits.

On Sundays an added feature comes out as the on-site amphitheater puts on live music performances, perfect for those who want to come out and make a day of it!

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in September

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in September? Check out the following options!


Allegheny Observatory

The Allegheny observatory may be small by some standards, but it has made big contributions to the field of astronomy since being founded in 1859 by a group of telescope enthusiasts.

Currently the observatory is on the search for extrasolar planets, something we can all say is pretty cool. On Friday nights in the summer months the observatory opens up for public tours that are well worth checking out!

After looking for alien life, head down to a North Side brewery for a drink!

Tour Wigle in the Strip District

Wigle Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey is perhaps Pittsburgh's biggest success story in the spirits business, and those who have tasted their creations do not need to be told why that is.

If you love Wigle as much as we do, taking a tour of their distillery in the Strip District on this Saturday is an absolute must.

If you want to make a day of it in the Strip District, grab a meal at Penn Ave Fish Company or grab a glass of wine at Pittsburgh Winery.

South Park

South Park

South Park in South Park Township is one of those places that has something for everyone.

This park has numerous picnic areas scattered about, a wave pool, activities for visitors of all ages, and many other unique attractions throughout its 2,000 acres. Get a group together, pack up a big lunch, and plan to spend the day enjoying one of the county's largest and most beautiful parks.

North Side Farmer's Market


Most farmer's markets in the Pittsburgh occur on week days at times when it is quite hard to venture out to experience them.

The North Side's farmer's market runs throughout the summer on Fridays, meaning you can make it over to this one to gather everything you need for the weekend. We love this one as it is always home to an abundance of vendors, several of which you cannot find at any other market in the city.

Want to grab a quick meal in the North Side on your way home? Check out El Burro or call ahead for Wilson's Bar-B-Q!

Gateway Clipper


When the temperature starts to cool off in mid-September, it is time to get out on the water. One tour that is unlike no other is the Gateway Clipper, and their hour-long sightseeing tours will give you an appreciation for the city the way it was meant to be experienced- by the river.

After taking a cruise on the Gateway Clipper, take the Duquesne Incline up to Grandview for the city views or head down to South Side for a meal at La Palapa or Thai Me Up or a coffee at Delaney's Coffee!

La Casa Narcisi Winery

Casa Narcisi Winery

If there is any winery featured within this guide that is meant to show up and stay for a while, it is La Casa Narcisi.

This one has put incredible time, effort, and money into building one of the most beautiful estates of any winery in the region, and their outdoor patios and concert venue areas are designed for you to come out, pick up a few bottles of wine, and relax the day away. Perfect for a Sunday!

Science Center 21+ Night

Pittsburgh's Science Center

Throughout the year, Pittsburgh's Science Center hosts a 21+ Night- an adults only event that takes on special themes ranging from robotics to the science of beer and more!

If you've always wanted to visit this one but were looking to enjoy it away from kids (or with a drink in hand), a visit to enjoy one of the monthly 21+ nights is an absolute must.

Kayaking on the Three Rivers

Kayak with Venture Outdoors

Venture Outdoors is the premier outdoor activity organization in Pittsburgh and operates numerous events and activities in the city to encourage you to get out and exercise.

One of our favorites is found along the banks of the North Shore River Trail by PNC Park- their kayak rentals! Pick up a rental on a beautiful Saturday to explore the rivers with you, a few friends, and a paddle.

After paddling on the rivers, walk over to Local Brewhouse to grab a beer or two!

Beechwood Farms

Beechwood Farms

Beechwood Farms is a 100+ acre private nature reserve in Fox Chapel that is designed to let you experience the serenity of nature. The numerous hiking trails wind their way through various habitats and lookouts, and there are always great options for bird watching and wildlife spotting here!

Wigle Barrel House

Wigle Whiskey Barrel House

Just because late September means the long summer days are coming to an end, doesn't mean that all the fun has to stop, too!

Wigle's Barrel House, located in the North Side, finishes up their year in early fall but still hosts a number of weekly events, live music performances, and more amidst the perfect ambiance- aging whiskey barrels!

Looking for more in the North Side? If it is not too late drive over to Allegheny Commons for Gus & Yia Yia's shaved ice (seasonal).

Oktoberfest at Penn Brewery

Oktoberfest at Penn Brewery

One fall event that we absolutely love is Oktoberfest, the annual Bavarian festival that has taken the world by storm for its celebration of all things beer.

In Pittsburgh there is no bigger Oktoberfest than at Penn Brewery, the city's oldest craft brewery.

Get here early as they fill up fast!

Klavon's Ice Cream

Klavons Ice Cream Parlor

Old time ice cream parlors seem to be few and far between these days, but if any in Pittsburgh are worthy of such a throwback, it would be Klavon's Ice Cream in the Strip District.

Head down to this one of their dozen indulgent sundaes or an old-fashioned ice cream soda to finish out your weekend!

Looking for more in the Strip District? Grab a meal at Smallman Galley or a coffee at Prestogeorge.

Insurrection AleWorks

Insurrection Aleworks

If you're driving through Heidelberg, located just south of the city, and are not paying attention you may not notice Insurrection AleWorks at all.

This small brewery is a local favorite with several unique beers on tap (try the Pink Yoga Pants if it is available- a pink sea salt and coriander gose) and a solid food menu including wood-fire oven pizzas, wings, and a charcuterie selection that would put most restaurants to shame.

Apple Picking at Norman's Orchard

Norman's Orchard

Norman's Orchard in Tarentum is one of the city's premier apple picking spots and has many varieties of apples ready to be plucked during the fall.

But be warned, the secrets of Norman's is out and the crowds descend upon this one during prime apple season!

If you come back into town later in the day, grab a Pittsburgh craft beer at Strange Roots in Millvale, Dancing Gnome Brewery in Sharpsburg, or a glass of wine at Wooden Door Winery near New Kensington!

Chatham Village

Chatham Village

Out of all of the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, the small enclave of Chatham Village on Mount Washington is one of the most beautiful.

This historical neighborhood features homes built in Georgian Colonial Revival style that are absolutely gorgeous. So when the leaves begin to change head up to this one for a quiet stroll around this stunning collection of houses!

If you're able to spend more time on Mount Washington, take a hike around Emerald View Park's trails or grab a meal at Shiloh Grill or the Uzbeki restaurant Kavsar!

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in October

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in October? Check out the following options!

Hundred Acres Manor

Hundred Acres Manor

One of our favorite things about October is that it means Halloween is just around the corner, and to us there is no place better to go than Hundred Acres Manor in South Park.

This estate is one of the largest destinations for haunted attractions in the city, and is consistently rated among the best in the nation. Feeling brave?

Wooden Door Winery

Wooden Door Winery

Wooden Door Winery near New Kensington is located on a quaint homestead that just begs you stay a while to drink wine and watch the day go by.

In the fall this winery starts rolling out their fall and winter wines, so be on the lookout for their Autumn Riesling- one of our very favorites. Or, if you're looking for something a bit different, no one will judge you if you try a wine slushie, they're amazing!

If you make it out to this winery on a beautiful day, make the small detour to Harrison Hills Park for a hike!

Moraine State Park

Moraine State Park

It is a bit of a drive to get to Moraine State Park, but those who make the effort to journey about 45 minutes north of the city to visit this one will be rewarded with gorgeous lake views, hiking trails that pass through numerous natural viewing areas, and all-in-all, a great day of exploring.

Before coming home, be sure to stop at the The Snowman- an iconic ice cream shop that serves up shaved ice and soft serve ice cream that is the perfect reward after a long day of hiking.

On your way back in to Pittsburgh, stop in Harmony for a meal at the delicious Harmony Inn or make the detour to Evans City to visit the Night of the Living Dead Museum!

Opera in the Cultural District

The Benedum Center

As fall comes back to the Burgh, you may want to start going back inside. Luckily, there are many shows to check out in the Cultural District throughout the year including those by the Pittsburgh Opera!

Check out the touring shows for a visit downtown this Friday!

Looking for a delicious meal before or after the Opera? Make a dinner reservation at Butcher and the Rye, or if you're in the mood for something quicker check out Braddock's in the Renaissance Hotel!

Kennywood Phantom Fright Night

Kennywood Halloween

Kennywood makes a rare second appearance on this list during October for their Phantom Fright Nights haunted houses. During the weekends of October the park is transformed into a theme park of horrors full of haunted houses and thrilling rides.

If you have some more time in the afternoon before Kennywood Fright Night, schedule a tour of Trundle Manor to get you in the horror spirit!

North Shore River Trail

North Shore River Trail

When it comes to viewing the fall colors, you have many options both in and out of the city. One of our favorite spots in the city limits is the North Shore River Trail which spans several miles west and east of the city.

Pick up your bike at one of the many Healthy Ride kiosks in downtown or the North Side and check out the sights like the Mr. Rogers memorial, PNC Park, and of course, the stunning views of the city.

There are a number of awesome attractions and restaurants along the North Shore River Trail By the Science Center is the USS Requin Submarine, and for those making a bigger walk or ride can cross the river and head down to Gaucho or Lidia's in the Strip District!

Arsenal Cider House

Arsenal Cider House

Although you can enjoy Arsenal Cider House any time of the year, we think this one is worth visiting in the fall at the height of apple season.

As a special bonus, Arsenal Cider House rolls out their fall and winter flavors around this time, which are some of our favorites of the bunch. Be on the lookout for events here, as Arsenal's outdoor space is the perfect spot to let the night roll by with live music or a food truck!

Want to have a dinner while out in Lawrenceville? Visit Piccolo Forno or Morcilla for a great meal!

Night of the Living Dead Weekend

Living Dead Museum

Did you know that one of the most famous horror movies of all time, Night of the Living Dead, was filmed just outside of Pittsburgh?

This cult classic took Evans City by storm, and the town now has a Night of the Living Dead Museum as well as an annual three day festival to celebrate the film and all things zombies.

And if one day is not enough, check out the three pack tickets which will get you into the special events for the full weekend!

Head over to Harmony and Zelionople to eat at Harmony Inn or Burghers or have a beer at ShuBrew brewery.

McConnells Mill State Park

McConnell's Mill State Park

Located about 45 minutes north of the city, McConnells Mill State Park is perhaps our favorite state park in Western Pennsylvania. This one has a historical mill, a covered bridge, and miles of hiking trails for those looking for a long day out.

Pittsburgh Ghost Tour

Haunted Pittsburgh

Looking to get acquainted with Pittsburgh's dark side? A pre-Halloween ghost tour is in order with the folks at Haunted Pittsburgh.

This two-hour tour covers some of the city's most famous hauntings- hilarious, insidious, and otherwise.

After the ghost tour grab a drink at The Commoner or the Biergarten at the Hotel Monaco.

Workshop PGH

Workshop PGH

With the slogan of “Drink Beer, Make Stuff,” you already know what you're getting yourself into at a Workshop PGH event.

This artist space in Garfield is one of many that have opened up recently in the neighborhood, and offers weekly workshops to learn skills such as screen printing, candle making, or wood working!

Want to grab a bite to eat before or after your class? Check out Umami or The Vandal in Lawrenceville, or Paris 66 in East Liberty.

Steelers Game

Steelers Game

Here we go! By mid-October football season is in full swing, which means its time to head down to Heinz Field to cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers as they make their bid for yet another Super Bowl ring. Just don't forget your Terrible Towel!

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in November

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in November? Check out the following options!

Penguins Game

Pittsburgh Penguins

On this Friday in November, head to PPG Paints Arena downtown to cheer the Pittsburgh Penguins on as they try to win yet another Stanley Cup!

Schenley Park

Schenley Park

Depending on the seasons, there may be some fall color lingering within the city in early November- perfect for a late fall hike around Schenley Park.

We absolutely adore this park as it is an oasis inside the city, perfect for a long stroll any time of the year.

After your hike, head over to Squirrel Hill for brunch at Pamela's, lunch at Bangkok Balcony, or drinks at Independent Brewing Company.


Fallingwater Outside of Pittsburgh

The height of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture popularity may have passed, but that does not mean that his designs aren't any less beautiful.

The Fallingwater House is one of the most iconic of all buildings from this famed designer, and it attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors per year. Be sure to book tickets to this one several weeks in advance!

On your way back from Fallingwater be sure to stop at Greendance Winery for a wine tasting and their homemade fruit-pies!

Dancing Gnome Brewery

Dancing Gnome Brewery

Hoppy beer lovers rejoice! Dancing Gnome Brewery in Sharpsburg is the brewery for you, and this one prepares beers from the mild and citrus hops flavors we enjoy all the way to potent IPAs.

Don't like hoppy beer? No worries there as Dancing Gnome also has one of the best stouts in the city (known as Wonka). Roll up for an evening, order from a food truck out front, and enjoy the night with a delicious brew and meal from a Pittsburgh food truck.

Pitt Panthers Game

Hail Pitt! Pittsburgh may be a professional sports town to its core, but that does not mean we neglect college sports. So it should be no surprise when we say that Pitt football is also a big deal.

Check out the Pitt Panthers home schedule and head down to Heinz Field to cheer them on!

Want to grab a bite to eat before the game? Check out Jerome Bettis Grill, Local Brewhouse, or Burgatory near Heinz Field!

Ohiopyle State Park

Fall at Ohiopyle State Park

The end of October and early November marks peak foliage season in southern PA, so to capture the last bit of color for the year make the journey down to Ohiopyle State Park for a hike.

This 20,000 acre park is one of our favorites and truly comes to life in the fall with beautiful leaves, cider vendors out selling their products in the town, and vineyards still open for tastings on the way back.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Heinz Hall

Pittsburgh absolutely loves its symphony, and this dedication means that we are lucky enough to have a lot of awesome performances throughout the year that other cities may not get.

Sure, there are the traditional classical performances, but the symphony packs its calendar with special performances of the music from popular movies (Lord of the Rings and Star Wars have been recent ones), concerts with popular musicians (Nelly recently did a symphonic rap performance), and so much more.

So no matter your tastes, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has something for you!

Want a nice meal before the symphony? Check out tako, Meat and Potatoes, or Pork and Beans!

Brew Gentlemen

Brew Gentlemen

Brew Gentlemen is one of Pittsburgh's most critically acclaimed breweries, and with good reason. Their beers cover the full taste spectrum and offer something for everyone.

Their chai wheat beer, White Sky, is one of the most unique you'll ever try, and other seasonal favorites including a cucumber wheat in the summer months and coffee porter in the fall have us making the drive down to Braddock with growler in hand time and time again.

Don't let the drive to this one stop you if you aren't nearby- it is worth it.

Want a bit more to justify the drive? Visit when Blowfish BBQ is the on-site food truck. It is one of our favorites!.

Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum

Pittsburgh's native son, Andy Warhol, was an odd one. His artwork was all over the place during his incredible career, and included so much more than his iconic Campbell Soup Can that is famous the world over.

To help showcase both the famous and lesser known works, the seven-floor Andy Warhol Museum was born.

You may not like everything you see (in fact, you probably wont), but this monstrously large museum does a fantastic job at showcasing the city's most prolific artist.

Want to make it a day out after the Warhol? Check out the Science Center nearby or head down to the Strip District to visit Eleven or Kaya.

Light Up Night

Things to Do in Pittsburgh - Light Up Night Fireworks

Pittsburgh loves fireworks celebrations, and one of our favorite shows of the year is for Light Up Night to celebrate the start of the Christmas season (the week before Thanksgiving).

Santa turns the Christmas tree on at Point State Park, and the city sets off an impressive fireworks show immediately thereafter.

Be on the lookout, though, as typically there are two fireworks celebrations during Light Up Night- one an hour before the published time and one at the main event! (We cannot guarantee this happens every year, but this has been our experience during many past events.)

Looking to make a night of it with the fireworks? Grab a reservation at the much coveted Altius or Monterey Bay Fish Grotto for front row seats to the show!

Bayernhof Museum

Bayernhof Museum

There are a lot of fun houses to explore in Pittsburgh, and one of the most unique belonged to Charles Brown- an eccentric millionaire whose estate is full of secret passages, unique designs, and one of the largest collections of self-playing music machines in the world.

The best part of this tour at the Bayernhof Museum is that nearly all of the machines are in working order, so you get to hear many on a visit! Advanced reservation is required.

On your way back into the Burgh, grab a beer at Dancing Gnome Brewery or stop on the outskirts of Lawrenceville for a gyro at Salonika Imports.

Eighth & Hays

Eighth and Hays

Eighth & Hays is the resident wine bar of Homestead and serves up house and premium wines of various pour sizes from one ounce to full glasses. The premium wines do come at a cost to match, but where else can you sample $70 bottles without having to commit to buying the whole bottle outright? That is why we love this one!

Things to Do in Pittsburgh in December

Looking for things to do in Pittsburgh in December? Check out the following options!

Maggie's Farm Rum

Maggie's Farm Rum

You likely know about Wigle Whiskey, Pittsburgh's award winning whiskey distillery, but do you know we have a rum distillery that has been racking up the medals in national contests?

Maggie's Farm Rum is located just a few blocks away from Wigle in the Strip District, and is doing for rum what Wigle has done for whiskey. Even better? The cocktails that Maggie's makes are mostly what we would call boat drinks, and are some of the most delicious we've had in the city.

A winning combo if we've ever seen one.

Want to grab a bite to eat after your visit to Maggie's? Check out Kaya or Gaucho Parrilla Argentina– two of our favorites in the Strip District!

Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland in Butler

Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland

One of the region's newest Christmas traditions is Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland at the Butler County Fairgrounds.

This three-mile drive lights up the fairgrounds from mid-November until early January and uses cutting-edge technology produce the most impressive Christmas light and music shows you'll see this season. Just be sure to load your car up with friends and family as this one is priced by the car load!

National Aviary


Pittsburgh's National Aviary is one of the best in the country, and was recognized by Congress as the country's national aviary in 1993.

This non-profit features several walk-through biospheres where you can get up-close-and-personal to the birds in their own natural habitat.

Want to grab lunch after your visit to the Aviary? Check out El Burro, Max's Allegheny Tavern, or head over to Allegheny City Brewing for a beer!.

East End Brewery

East End Brewery

East End Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Pittsburgh's craft beer revival, and their east side location is always worth a visit for staples like Big Hop, Monkey Boy, and whatever new creation the team has on tap.

If you want to stick a bit closer to downtown, check out their Strip District tap room too!

After your round at East End Brewery head over to Mellon Park for their incredible memorial that can only be seen at night.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall

Soldiers and Sailors Hall

Oakland's Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall is often appreciated on the outside for its beautiful architecture. But did you know the inside contains a museum focusing on some of the unique aspects of war such as the development of technology and the effects of war on society? Do yourself a favor and check this one out on an upcoming Saturday!

Looking for more in Oakland? Head to Phipps Conservatory for their Winter Flower Show or grab a meal at Stack'd or Legume!

Fall Run Park

Fall Run Park

Fall Run Park in Glenshaw, PA (off of Route 8), is not your typical park, and is most certainly not the kind of place you'd see recommended for an end of year visit.

But there is a reason for why we saved this one for later in the year- this park's unique location lends itself to being a prime spot for several waterfalls if you can time your visit right.

Step one is visiting immediately after periods of high rain (or snow melt) and step two is visiting when the leaves are off the trees to prevent an obstruction in the view!

There is a central waterfall here for those who want to visit any time of the year (rain dependent, of course), but if the weather cooperates and a big rain storm or snow melt occurs later in the year more waterfalls have the potential to pop up!

Rivertowne Brewery

Beer at Rivertowne Brewery

Rivertowne Brewery's main facility is located in Export, PA, but they have a tap room right in the heart of the North Shore next to PNC Park.

Although baseball season may be over by December, you can still get some crowd favorites found at the ballpark such as the Halakahiki Pineapple Ale (one of our favorite ballpark beers) or simply some great bar food to go with your round(s) of beer.

While in the North Side, why not check out Burgatory, Southern Tier, or perhaps take a walk on the North Shore River Trail if the weather is behaving?

Christmas Markets

Pittsburgh's Christmas Market

We return downtown on this Saturday to focus entirely on the Pittsburgh Christmas Market– the annual holiday tradition that turns Market Square into a beautiful marketplace full of handcrafted wares, festive cuisine, live music, and even a place to meet Santa Claus.

Be sure to head over to PPG's Wintergarden to explore more beautiful holiday decorations!

While exploring the Christmas Market in Market Square, Grab dinner at il Pizzaiolo or the Original Oyster House!

The Model Railroad Museum

Western PA Model Railroad Museum

The Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum is an attraction well worth the visit during its brief operation from mid-November to early-January. This museum in Gibsonia is home to one of the largest model train exhibits in the region, which features the train journey from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland, as it was in the 1950s. Head on up on this Sunday to check it all out and see how many landmarks you can spot!

On your way back in to Pittsburgh be sure to stop at Casa Narcisi for a glass or two of wine!

Performance at the August Wilson Center

The August Wilson Center in downtown Pittsburgh is an intimate performing arts venue with multiple spaces for live performances, concerts, readings, and other shows.

Unlike other venues, however, most of the performances here are one night only so plan your visit accordingly!

Looking for more downtown? Why not grab a meal at Bill's Burger Bar, Ten Penny, or Sharp Edge!

Voodoo Brewery

Voodoo Brewery

Voodoo Brewery in Homestead has an amazing beer lineup including White Magick of the Sun (a spiced Belgian wheat) and KillaPilz (a hoppy lager) as well as numerous rotating seasonal selections, making this brewery one you'll want to return to many times throughout the year.

And with many food truck rallies and their own personal food truck, Foodoo, on-site, you'll never go hungry either!

Phipps Winter Flower Show

Phipps Christmas Show

We featured Phipps early on in this guide for their Spring Flower Show, and they get a rare second listing during the Christmas season as the conservatory goes all out with their annual Winter Flower Show which even includes a night time light display in their outdoor gardens!

Before visiting Phipps, head to Squirrel Hill for a coffee at Commonplace Coffee or dinner at Smallman Street Deli or Chengdu Gourmet!

Roundabout Brewery

Roundabout Brewery

Centrally located in Lawrenceville, Roundabout Brewery is the perfect spot for beer lovers as you can easily pop in for a drink, stay a while if you like, and have the thriving neighborhood of Lawrenceville right at your fingertips.

But if you're like us, you'll probably get lost in the beer on your first visit!

Want to grab a meal while in Lawrenceville? Check out Pusadee's Garden, Tram's Kitchen, or The Vandal!

New Hazlett Theater

Hazlett Theater

The New Hazlett Theater is all about the community supported arts, hearkening back to the days of Andrew Carnegie when this building was his flagship theater and also the location of one of the first of many Carnegie libraries.

For some reason we have to think Carnegie would approve of the independent theater that goes on here, and we think you should check out this gem of a location on an upcoming Saturday for a show!

Ice Skating

Things to Do in Pittsburgh - Ice Skating

Is there any better way to wind up a year than by ice skating? Winter has just begun, the city is getting colder, and Christmas is still in the air.

So head out to one of the many Pittsburgh ice skating rinks, such as Schenley Park or the rink at PPG Place, to enjoy the winter season before ringing in the new year!

If you go ice skating in Schenley Park, stick around for lunch at The Porch, Nu Bistro, or grab a snack at 61c Cafe.

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