Thin Man Sandwich Shop Review – Sandwiches in the Heart of the Strip District

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Thin Man Sandwich Shop closed in September 2017.

Thin Man Sandwich Shop has a reputation for making quick and tasty sandwiches right in the heart of the Strip District. In an neighborhood full of many sit-down restaurants, this quick preparation option is a good alternative for those who want to go beyond the street food scene but do not have the time for a formal meal.

Tasty Sandwiches in the Heart of the Strip

Thin Man Sandwich Shop

During our visit we were able to try two sandwiches from their staple menu, The Thin Man, the namesake which features chicken liver mousse, bacon, endive, and vinaigrette on a baguette as well as The Smash, which includes chicken breast, avocado, sprouts, and pickled green onions on a wheat baguette.

Both of these sandwiches were solid as far as this food style goes, but we often felt that the thick and crust baguette bread overwhelmed the flavor of the ingredients. The reason for this is simple, and is because the ingredients are, on their own, a rather mild combination without a big punch to the face like some other sandwiches on the menu may provide. Naturally, it doesn't take much to throw the flavor profile out of balance.

Thin Man Sandwich Shop

A bit more spread of the liver mousse on The Thin Man or an extra few slices of avocado on The Smash could go a long way to offset the ratio of bread to ingredients and produce a sandwich that is that much closer to perfection.

Go for the Seasonal Options

Thin Man Sandwich Shop

Now, we have to admit, we figured this one going in. When comparing the signature sandwiches to the seasonal menu items, you could tell that the flavor potential would be much more subdued right away. Sadly, during our first visit we had to avoid many of the seasonal choices due to a food allergy (this is not always the case depending on the time of the year, however).

With specials like Butter Braised Beets and Japanese Katsu, the potential for an amazing sandwich is that much higher. While it may take us a few visits to ensure we find the perfect seasonal creation for our flavor profile, we're certain Thin Man Sandwich Shop has it and are looking forward to returning to try them again very soon.

Overall, Thin Man Sandwich Shop is a solid spot in the Strip District for those who want a fast sandwich. While the signature sandwiches are good, do yourself a favor and give one of the seasonal sandwiches a try for something new with a powerful flavor- you know we will!

Thin Man Sandwich Shop closed in September 2017.

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