The Boulevard Lounge Review – A New Bar Theme at the Distrikt Hotel

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We are told that The Boulevard Lounge and the Distrikt Hotel are currently closed. We will update this article if we hear any updates.

The Distrikt Hotel Pittsburgh has featured a high-end cocktail bar since opening in late 2017. But in early 2019, the hotel re-themed the bar to be known as The Boulevard Lounge (an apt name for its location on Boulevard of the Allies).

With a new cocktail menu and an enhanced (but still limited) food menu, you know we had to make it down to this one as soon as we heard about the change.

While we had to miss the food items on our first visit, the cocktails are everything we expect from this stellar bar, and we'll be coming back for more very, very soon.

High End Cocktails at The Boulevard Lounge

Cocktails at The Boulevard

During our first visit, we were only able to sip two cocktails, The Veteran and the Blair Peach Project, and were not let down.

The Veteran is among the more traditional cocktails on the menu and features Maggie's Farm spiced rum, Drambuie, lemon, vanilla, demerara, and bitters.

The flavor of this one was predominantly lemon with a nice bit of honey from the Drambuie and is comparable to a Penicillin cocktail for those who are familiar with the lemon/honey heavy drink- albeit perhaps a bit less Scotch flavor as Drambuie is a secondary spirit to complement the spiced rum.

Blair Peach Project is one of those drinks that showcases the bartender's skills as it features Boyd & Blair vodka, ancho-chile liqueur, peach liqueur, Jannamico Superpunch, orange bitters, and a spray of mezcal.

If it sounds like there is a lot going on in this one, you're right. Every sip we found ourselves noticing a different flavor pop out. One time is perhaps the ancho-chile, another time the peach, and the third a bit more herbal from the Superpunch. The mezcal is added on top in a quick spray from a perfume bottle and gives more of an aroma than a flavor enhancer as well- a nice touch in our books.

Overall, this is the kind of cocktail that will have us returning to this bar again and again.

Appropriately Priced Drinks and a Limited Food Menu

One of the real treats of this cocktail bar is that the prices are reduced from the premium Evangeline that used to occupy the space.

Most cocktails here run $11-$13 (and no ~$25 Smoke Show to be found) which puts the bar inline with other high-end cocktail bars in the city.

The bar does offer a happy hour for discounted bar food, $5 drafts or house wines, and two $8 select cocktails, the cocktails are unique creations purely for happy hour that appear a bit less inventive than the regular menu (but hey, we're always up for a happy hour drink all the same).

While we did not partake in the limited food menu during our first visit as we had reservations at the on-site restaurant, Or, the Whale, we'll be returning to this one soon for a full drink order and a meal as, from our limited assessment at least, this one retains its quality from Evangeline- albeit at significantly better prices.

We'll update this one when we return!

The Boulevard Lounge is located above the lobby at The Distrikt Hotel at 453 Blvd of the Allies in downtown Pittsburgh.

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