Pittsburgh Helicopter Tour – Flying Over the Burgh With Stellar Copters

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As of mid-2018 we were alerted that Stellar Copters has ceased flights around the city. We are currently not aware of when operations will resume.

The city of Pittsburgh is one of just a few unique cities in the world where the geographic features allow you to look down on the skyline from above.

Everyone knows the famous views from Mount Washington, and for admirers of Pittsburgh we cannot get enough of the skyline. (In fact, we've found over a dozen other Pittsburgh views you may never have seen before at the previous link.)

In recent years we've been lucky to appreciate the skyline from the air when our commercial flights have taken us over the city, but we wanted more. We wanted to do a helicopter tour for a more intimate view.

Cue a sale from Stellar Copters and we were on our way in the air for a mid-January flight. Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos from the experience to encourage you to get in the air yourself.

Seeing the Pittsburgh Skyline from Above

Helicopter Flight with Stellar Copters

Our helicopter tour with Stellar Copters was the twelve-mile tour that begins at Allegheny County Airport, flies north through Oakland near Phipps and the Cathedral of Learning, crosses over the Strip District, flies over the stadiums in the North Side, sweeps around for a panoramic view of the city that will put the view on Grandview to shame, and flies through South Side before returning back to the airport.

Pittsburgh from Above

In this time we were able to see a number of famous landmarks like those mentioned above, our house (awesome), and even some more unusual landmarks like the Uber closed-course test track that we had no idea was there at all.

Uber Test Track in Pittsburgh

No matter where we looked we got incredible views of some of our favorite landmarks, and found more that left us wondering just what the heck that was.

Cathedral of Learning from a Helicopter

Now that we're back on land, we have the strong urge to find out.

Know That The Helicopter Tours Are Brief

Steelers Stadium in Pittsburgh

One of the most important things about all helicopter tours is going in knowing that most tours are brief, and in this case brief is being very generous.

Steelers Stadium in Pittsburgh

The seven-mile and twelve-mile tours that were available during our booking last about seven and twelve minutes respectively (so roughly one minute per mile covered).

This means that you are in the helicopter, off at speed, and are enjoying a quick view of the city's skyline and other highlights without hovering in any specific spot for an extended period of time.

Pittsburgh Skyline

We knew this going in and were thoroughly okay with the prospect of a short tour, but we think it is important enough to note ahead of time so you're not in for a surprise during your tour.

So while your time in the air may be brief, you'll just have to spend every possible second admiring the scenery, snapping a few photos, and taking it all in. If you're anything like us, this will trigger a new addiction, and you'll be wanting to get back in the air again as soon as possible.

Pittsburgh Skyline

We know we will be.

Stellar Copters flies primarily out of Allegheny County Airport just south of the city. As of mid-2018 Stellar Copters ceased operations temporarily and will hopefully resume flights soon.

For more views of the Pittsburgh skyline, check out some of the lesser visited viewpoints at the previous link or take a tour on the Gateway Clipper!

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