Pizza Taglio Review – Exceptional Pies in East Liberty

Last Updated on July 13, 2020 by Angie

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Pizza Taglio closed in July 2020.

Pizza Taglio in East Liberty is the kind of restaurant that's perfect for so many different situations- it's casual enough to be a good spot for dinner with friends, but also cute and BYOB, making it equally perfect for a date night. But best of all, the pizza is just downright delicious.

In our opinion, it's some of the best in the city.

Exceptional Roman Style Pies at Pizza Taglio

Ricotta Pie at Pizza Taglio

Pizza Taglio focuses on Roman-style pizzas that have a thin crust, fresh tomato sauce, and seasonal toppings. The menu is quite simple with just three or four kinds each of red and white pizzas, plus a couple of appetizers and desserts. But don't let the brevity of this menu turn you away: the benefit of this type of menu is that it's always changing to feature seasonal, super fresh ingredients.

We visited in the height of tomato season, so we couldn't pass up the ricotta pie with mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula, and, of course, ricotta. The ricotta was so amazingly creamy and rich yet simultaneously light, a perfect foil to the acidity of the tomatoes and the bite of the arugula. If you love white pies, you will absolutely fall in love with this one.

Greenpointer at Pizza Taglio

The Greenpointer was also a fantastic red pie with mozzarella, spicy Calabrese sopressata, and hot honey. The sopressata got nice and crispy in places, and it had just the right amount of heat that was tamed by the sweetness of the honey. The tomato sauce was light, bright, and fresh. We could eat this one for days!

We loved the thin, crispy crust here, too. This kind of crust is best when it's not overloaded with toppings, which Pizza Taglio gets spot on. All of the pies generally have just three or so toppings, meaning your thin slices won't flop from the weight.

Service Could Use Some Work

Pizza Taglio in Pittsburgh

Service on our first visit was perfectly fine but a little slow – the place was absolutely packed. However, on our second visit the service was not only quite slow, but bordering on the edge of awful as well as our waiter (or waiters, the two working seemed to split attention with us) were only doing things halfway- bringing half the silverware to our table of five, half the glasses, not refilling water during the entire meal, and outright ignoring us to fold pizza boxes for about 15 minutes after we asked for the receipt.

We ended up getting our corkage fee removed and a fee dessert for the trouble without asking for it, but it still left a somewhat bad experience in our mouths.

As Pizza Taglio doesn't take reservations, get here early or plan on putting your name in and having a drink next door at Lorelei while you wait. Also remember to pick up a bottle of wine before coming – it's BYOB for a small corkage fee (about $2.50 a person in 2018)!

Overall, as far as pizza is concerned we just love how the pies at Pizza Taglio are simple but exploding with flavor. It's the hallmark of great Italian cooking. Despite the negatives in service, we'll keep returning to this one- the pies are that good.

Pizza Taglio was located at 126 S Highland Avenue in East Liberty and closed in July 2020.

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