Pittsburgh Resources to Consult During These Uncertain Times

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Our quest to find the best Pittsburgh restaurants and things to do in Pittsburgh is temporarily at a standstill due to the current outbreak.

That being said, we wanted to put together a collection of resources that you can use in order to stay up-to-date on current information be it for health concerns, resources on what local businesses are closed, what remains open for takeaway or delivery, and ways you can help out your neighbors in these troubling times.

We will get through this. But for now we all need to approach things safely and sensibly, and some of the following resources should be of help.

But First, a Disclaimer

Please note, we are not doctors. While we have a science background and have worked in the medical industries, we are not providing medical advice in this guide. This guide is simply a means to curate all of the resources we've found out there for advice, closures, ways you can help, and the like. If we are missing any resource, please contact us and we'll add relevant features in.

For all medical-related topics, please stay up to date with information provided by the WHO, CDC, and your respective regions (Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, and Pittsburgh). 

Pittsburgh Resources to Consult

Please check out the following resources put together by our friends from local tourist offices, media, and the like to stay up-to-date with adjusted business hours, closures, and new policies during these uncertain times. 

As we find more resources regarding closures and adjusted hours, we will add them to this section as well. Please take a moment to support our fellow media and tourist offices by giving their sites a click. As this is a fluid situation that could change day by day, when in doubt please defer to recommendations by the WHO, CDC, and local health departments.

Ways You Can Help

Beyond the basic recommendations of isolating, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands, there are many donation portals set up to help those in need. In this section, we're sharing a few we've found. Some have come about as a result of recent events and a few have been around for a while that we personally want to highlight.

Please note: As with all donations, we recommend doing your due diligence in researching the organizers and where funding goes to prior to providing any financial information. We are not associated with any of the following, and, unfortunately, cannot make any guarantees on what happens to any given donation beyond what is listed.

This guide is a work in progress and we will update as we find more published information you should be aware of. If you know of a resource that is not available in the above list, please contact us and we'll add it in. Stay safe friends!

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