Pig Iron Public House Review – Gastropub With a Great Beer List

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Pig Iron Public House is closed as of 2021.

Pig Iron Public House is a conventional gastropub located in Cranberry- about 20 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh.

While this one offers a fairly straightforward menu of burgers, sandwiches (including Primanti Brothers style), and more, the real treat of this particular spot is their monster local draft list!

66 Beers on Tap at Pig Iron Public House

Draft List at Pig Iron

It is hard to say no to any tap room that has several dozen beers on tap, and Pig Iron does a fantastic job at offering a wide variety in addition to their quantity.

About 25% of the beers on tap are varieties of ales, pale ales, or IPAs, and the brewery rounds out the list with a spread of stouts, Belgians, sours, fruited beers, wheats, and so much more- including a selection of about six ciders as well. During our recent visits, just under half have been local to Pennsylvania as well.

If you go to Pig Iron during happy hour, 5 to 7 on Monday to Friday in the bar area, all full pour draft beers are $2 off. While this isn't the best discount you'll find overall, it is certainly one of the better Pittsburgh beer happy hours north of the city and for that we love it.

It is also worth noting that with their large draft list, Pig Iron does not do samples. Instead they offer a “pintlet” which is a 5 ounce pour that runs about $2-$3.50 depending on the beer. They try and keep these roughly proportional in price to the full pour amounts, so it is a good option for those who want to try many beers in one go.

The bar also has their own canning system for their “keglets”- 25.4 ounce cans just a bit smaller than a conventional crowler. So if you find a beer you really like and want to take it to go you can grab one of these for rather attractive prices as well (most are under $10).

Conventional Gastropub Food

Sandwiches at Pig Iron

On the food side of the spectrum, Pig Iron is more of a conventional gastropub with a large choice of appetizers, burgers, conventional sandwiches, Primanti Brothers style “samiches”, and other common pub fare.

We will be the first to admit that we primarily visit Pig Iron for the happy hour special, so it took us a few visits to try the food menu.

I was finally able to when having happy hour with a former coworker, and ended up going for the Twisted Pig sandwich that is made on Italian bread and topped with a fried egg, slaw, tomato, and fries. It is every bit of what you expect it to be.

In an odd twist, the server mixed up our orders and before we had realized it my friend had already taken a bite out of my sandwich, so we did what anyone would do and go 50/50 on ours- so I got to try a Smoking Ingot for good measure (this one came with hot sausage, sauteed peppers, onions, provolone, and marinara).

As far as this local sandwich style goes, Pig Iron does it better than average with a fairly flavorful offering.

The Twisted Pig option seemed rather lacking on the BBQ flavor with the pulled pork, and had little discernible bacon jam (much to my sadness). But the Smoking Ingot was a stellar sandwich for this style and was packed full of flavor, was still juicy, and, dare I say it, would be one I'd get again easily (no small feat if you've read our review of their famous counterparts above).

Overall, Pig Iron is a conventional gastropub that offers an array of standard pub fare as well as our famous local sandwiches. Where this one excels, however, is their draft list that is truly one of the best we've seen north of the city to date.

As far as gastropubs are concerned, we're not upset by that in the slightest.

Pig Iron Public House was located at 926 Sheraton Drive in Cranberry / Mars, PA and closed in 2021.

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