Celebrate Sustainability with Phipps at The Big Green Block Party on May 16th

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No matter how you look at it, sustainability culture is here, and no place in Pittsburgh does it better than Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

The gardens are home to a LEED® Silver Welcome Center and the first LEED® certified production greenhouse, and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the entire world- and they sure do love to celebrate it!

As such, Phipps is putting on its latest event, The Big Green Block Party on May 16th from 7:30 to 10:30 pm, and they're inviting you to join the celebration! Today we're sharing a teaser for what you can expect when attending!

What to Expect at The Big Green Block Party

Lagoon at Phipps Conservatory
Photo Credit: Paul G Wiegman. Photo supplied by Phipps.

We've been to parties at Phipps before and know that these are events that go all-out with new features, ample food and adult beverages, and live music just to name a few highlights.

Jeremy and Angie at Phipps at 125 Gala

For The Big Green Block Party you'll get all of that during the outdoor celebration!

Attendees to the party will be among the first to enjoy the new Exhibit Staging Center- a former public works building for the city that was redesigned to be energy efficient and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the development for upcoming flower shows (as well as displays from past favorites).

Center for Sustainable Landscapes
Photo Credit: Paul G. Wiegman. Photo supplied by Phipps

Then, there is the food, with a focus on vegetarian and vegan items from restaurants and food producers such as honeygrow, Onion Maiden, Cafe Phipps, and Millie's; beverages from Wigle, Threadbare, and Kingfly Spirits; and even more.

If its anything like the last gala we attended, we walked away quite full from all of the delicious options!

Cocktails from Wigle

There will even be live bluegrass from the Gregg Welty Band and the opportunity to explore the conservatory to check out the Summer Flower Show, themed Van Gogh in Bloom, at night. The Summer Flower Show is poised to be a great one with works like Houses at Auvers, Starry Night, Sunflowers, and The Red Vineyards Near Arles coming to life via flowers!

The conservatory is also encouraging guests to embrace sustainability with their attire through “upcycled fashion, vintage finds and organic, responsibly produced eco-couture”. Suffice it to say, we expect there to be some pretty interesting creations all in the name of sustainability for this one.

Flowers at Phipps Conservatory

So whether you want to get out to experience the sustainable side of Phipps, or simply celebrate spring with a party at one of Pittsburgh's top attractions, consider The Big Green Block Party on May 16th!

The Big Green Block Party takes place on May 16th from 7:30 to 10:30pm and is partially outdoors. Tickets are $75 for members and $85 for non-members, which includes all food and drink, and can be reserved online or by calling Phipps at 412-651-5281 or via email at rsvp@phipps.conservatory.org. Proceeds from the party provide essential support for Phipps' sustainability programs and initiatives. This post was sponsored by Phipps.


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