Mission Mahi Review – A Food Truck Turned Restaurant

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Mission Mahi has since closed their brick and mortar restaurant but the food truck remains.

Mission Mahi started off as a food truck serving loaded “tacos” to hungry Pittsburghers. After driving the truck around the city for several years, they expanded to a dedicated restaurant in Cranberry where they now sling their staples in addition to the roaming truck.

But as it turns out, the mission part of Mission Mahi is an incredible story in its own right- one I learned more about when visiting the restaurant for a trusty meal.

Mission Mahi's Mission

Mission Mahi Cranberry

The mission of Mission Mahi is a story worth telling (or rather, reading- it is on the back of every menu).

The short version is that in 2013 the owner of Mission Mahi, Jimmy Woods, was struggling to get sober. He went into a church and begged God for help and then fell asleep. Later, when he woke up and left the church, he was hit by a car. 

After months in the hospital, and subsequent time in prison, Mr. Woods had what he describes as a visit from God where his life was changed forever. He lost his desire for drugs and alcohol, and, through later rehab, realized he needed to start a restaurant that helped other recovering addicts (many of whom worked in the restaurant industry) as well.

As such, Mission Mahi was born and is one part “taco” joint and one part a place for those in recovery to find a safe space to work. It started as a food truck and has since grown to also have a dedicated storefront in bustling Cranberry- about 25 minutes north of Pittsburgh.

If there is any kind of business that is worth supporting on its business model alone, Mission Mahi would be it. Thankfully, their “tacos” are stellar as well.

Oversized “Tacos” Are a Must Try

Greek Taco from Mission Mahi

We've known about Mission Mahi's meals since the start as they are one of the more popular food trucks in Pittsburgh. But it was only recently that we heard about their Cranberry restaurant and made it in on a tour with Butler County Tourism.

Much like the food truck, the menu here is oriented around “tacos.” Now, I put tacos in quotes here, because when I say tacos, I really mean burritos. 

The tacos here come with a half pound of blackened Mahi, shrimp, or chicken, loaded with your choice of mix-ins for a pre-designed style and wrapped in a 10″ flour tortilla. Throw on a side of tots and you've got yourself a monster meal for just about $15 (and, if you're like me, enough for leftovers).

Mission Mahi Food Truck

As I've had the original from Mission Mahi when visiting their food truck (topped with avocado, tomato, and sriracha mayo), I opted to go for the Greek version with Mahi during this visit (topped with Spinach artichoke cheese, cheddar jack, tomato, grilled sweet pepper rings, and sriracha mayo).

If you've had the food truck, the simplest statement is that the restaurant lives up to everything you remember. If you haven't, all I really need to say is you need to try this one. (And then return for more like their Buffalo, Yinzer, or Buff Yinzer styles- fries and coleslaw on a burrito!)

The best part about Mission Mahi's tacos is that they are loaded up with an absurd amount of fish. No matter what bite you're on, you're going to get several cubes of Mahi. The Greek style compliments this well with the rich spinach artichoke cheese balancing out with sweet peppers and the spicy sriracha mayonnaise. It isn't over-the-top Greek in terms of flavor but offers some subtlety and nuance beyond what is offered in the original (I'd definitely get this one over the original in the future).

My only criticism, which is an albeit a minor one, is that, like the food truck, the fish at Mission Mahi is heavily salted. But the fish in my particular order was a fair bit less salty than our first visit to the food truck (a great thing), but still a bit saltier than needed. Apart from this, it is really hard to say no to the tacos here.

Overall, we're big fans of Mission Mahi. From their true mission to the stellar “tacos,” we hope to become regulars whenever we find ourselves in Cranberry.

Mission Mahi's restaurant was located at 8032 Rowan Road in Cranberry on-site at the driving range. My meal was included as part of a media tour with Butler County Tourism. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Jimmy and Mission Mahi for about the last 5 or 6 years. His product is beyond phenomenal, he is the real deal, and will share his testimony with all who truly want to know his story. He is a true example of recovery and faith. God Bless you Jimmy! Don’t ever stop what you’re doing.
    Jon – North Hills


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