Kouskous Express Review – Fast-Casual Moroccan Food

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Kouskous Express closed in November 2018.

Kouskous Express in Mt Lebanon serves up delicious fast-casual Moroccan food. It's the kind of place where you go through the line and point to things you want in your bowl – and it's all so good you will want it all in your bowl.

With authentic Moroccan flavors and decor, this is a unique and fun restaurant that should be on your radar.

Create Your Own Bowls at Kouskous Express

Kouskous Express Pittsburgh

If you like lots of options and creating your own flavor combinations, you will love Kouskous Express. If you're like me, making decisions like that can be fun but also overwhelming. Luckily the menu here is laid out in step by step format that keeps it simple while still giving you options – the best of both worlds.

You start with a base of couscous, saffron rice, or loubia beans. Next you pick your protein – the options aren't just plain chicken or beef, they're meats with Moroccan sauces and spices like chicken in preserved lemon, beef in plums, lamb tajine, chicken kebab, and salmon charmoula. If you're vegetarian there's also a chickpea option.

Pita Bread at Kouskous Express

Next you pick two veggies from carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, or zucchini and squash, and finally you top it off with a sauce like chickpea, vegan tomato, saffron cream, or spicy harissa.

You can also get pita on the side which of course we did, and a few other side dishes are available as well.

Traditional Moroccan Flavors Abound

Lemon Chicken Bowl at Kouskous Express

I stuck with a fairly traditional flavor combination that we had on a recent Morocco vacation: couscous, chicken in preserved lemon, carrots, cauliflower, and spicy harissa sauce. This bowl was just exploding with flavors- the chicken was tender and juicy and bright with citrus flavors, while the carrots and cauliflower kept things healthy and were spiced with ras el hanout and its hint of warm baking spices. The spicy harissa gave a perfect amount of heat.

Beef with Plums at Kouskous Express

Jeremy went a little more adventurous route and tried the beef in plums with eggplant and carrot, topped with saffron cream sauce. Again the meat was delightfully tender and flavorful, but the highlight here was the saffron cream sauce. The sauce was recommended to us by both the owner and customers behind us in line as being a standout – and we'd have to agree. It was rich but balanced with delicate floral saffron notes. Yum!

The pita on the side was super fluffy and a great vehicle for getting every last drop of sauce out of our bowls. Although our individual bowls were quite a bit of food and left us stuffed, we also couldn't resist trying the eggplant zaa'louk with its wonderful creamy smokiness.

Kouskous Express Pittsburgh

There's so much to love about Kouskous Express: it's quick, delicious, healthy if you want it to be, and full of authentic Moroccan flavors that you don't see too many other places in the city.

One other thing to note: Kouskous Express also does special event dinners several times a month. These are more formal, sit-down meals with entree options that aren't normally available during their regular service. We can't wait to check one out!

Kouskous Express closed in 2018.

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