Looking for a Pittsburgh Deal? Check Out Groupon!

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When it comes to exploring Pittsburgh, even we have to be conscious of the amount of money we spend. One service we use to find great local deals is Groupon Pittsburgh. Amidst the sea of thousands of discounts, we've found some incredible gems that are 100% Pittsburgh (and saved a ton of money along the way).

Over the months and years of using the service, we've sometimes had a hard time finding deals that speak to us and our goal of exploring the local attractions around town. But in this one we want to break down the spots where Groupon shines!

Disclaimer: We are Groupon affiliates and will receive a small commission from any sales made via our links.

Pittsburgh Attraction Groupons

Gateway Clipper and the Bridges

Attraction Groupons for Pittsburgh are often hit-or-miss and range from unique, locally inspired activities to discounts to more conventional and national chain establishments.

Thankfully, there are a number of great local attractions that appear from time to time with discounts to the Gateway Clipper, Penguins tickets, Liberty Pole Spirit distillery tours, the Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens, and even beer tours making an appearance from time to time as well!

Click through the first two pages at the previous link and see which deals are available now!

Pittsburgh Restaurant Groupons

Quik-It Chicken in Pittsburgh's North Side

Restaurant Groupons are plentiful on the service, and much like attractions above they are often tailored towards regional and national chains. That being said, many local restaurants have been found to be present from time to time.

Some of the most intruiging that appear to be regulars include Square Cafe, Penn Brewery, Peace Love and Little Donuts, Dijlah, Sichuan Gourmet, Local Bar + Kitchen, Micro Diner, and Quik-It Chicken.

It is worth noting, however, that sometimes restaurants advertise on Groupon when their business is, shall we say, declining. While we are not saying that any of the previously mentioned businesses are at risk of closing, we have seen it with others in the past. As such, if you buy a restaurant Groupon (or any Groupon, really), be sure to use it as soon as possible after buying.

Misc. Pittsburgh Groupons

Pittsburgh Skyline from along Grandview

Going beyond food and attractions, Groupon Pittsburgh has a number of other local options that are worth your attention.

Some include services like home food delivery. Pittsburgh Magazine has made appearances from time to time. Or other general discounts like car oil changes and detailing, gym classes, and more.

Suffice it to say, if you're looking for a deal, Groupon may have a great option for you!