Empanada Fusion Review – Empanada Pickups Around Pittsburgh

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Empanada Fusion is a bit of a different food concept for Pittsburgh – instead of having a brick and mortar restaurant or a food truck, Empanada Fusion offers its empanadas at weekly drop off spots in and near the city. All you have to do is pre-order your empanadas online and pick them up at the spot you specify (with locations changing weekly).

The empanada fillings are a mix of traditional and fusion flavors, with an emphasis on non-traditional flavors. The menu changes weekly but typically you can find about four meat options, four vegetarian options, and two sweet dessert options.

We were contacted by Empanada Fusion and received a complimentary order and wanted to share more about it in this review!

Empanada Drop Offs with Empanada Fusion

Empanada Fusion Delivery

During the week that we picked up empanadas, the meat choices included things like zhoug chicken, hoisin pork, and loaded potato with bacon, while the vegetarian fillings included options such as mushroom, French onion, and red pepper and spinach. Don't skip dessert, either – pear and brie, cookies and cream, or peaches and cream are just a few of the recent sweet empanada offerings.

For our order we chose traditional beef, brisket, tandoori chicken, elote, French onion, and the pear and brie for dessert.

Re-Heating Empanadas at Home

The brisket filling had tender pulled beef brisket with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, while the tandoori chicken included yogurt and scallions. While we appreciated these fusion style fillings (the brisket was especially delicious), our favorite meat filling was the traditional beef.

The traditional beef filling is ground meat with peppers, onions, garlic, and raisins. With a hint of sweetness from the spices and raisins, and plenty of savory oomph from the onions and meat, this was just a good, solid example of a traditional beef empanada.

The French onion empanada included caramelized onions, gruyere, and thyme, although the onions seemed more just like sauteed onions (we would have loved more caramelization). The elote filling was corn seasoned with lime, cilantro, and cotija, although the corn was the primary flavor. Overall, we enjoyed the meat empanadas more than the vegetarian options.

Empanada Fusion Spread (BYOW)

For dessert we had the pear and brie with stewed pears, brie, and rosemary. The predominant flavor was the stewed pears which were saucy and just sweet enough.

All orders come with your choice of dipping sauces like traditional chimichurri, gorgonzola cream, white truffle, chipotle cream, and Thai chili sauce. We opted for the chimichurri with intense garlic and herb flavors that complemented the traditional beef empanada well. We also tried the white truffle sauce with crema, white truffle oil, and black pepper which was so delicious we would put it on anything.

The empanadas come already cooked – all you have to do is pop them in the oven for a few minutes to re-heat (instructions are included with each order).

In general, we think Empanada Fusion brings a great new concept to the Pittsburgh area. The fillings are unique and fun, and we think the empanadas are a really good value, too. We look forward to trying more of their creations soon!

Empanada Fusion does weekly dropoffs at multiple locations around the city and lists the current week's drop on their website. Some are regular drops while others rotate. Please note that these are dedicated dropoffs as opposed to having a stand at a farmer's market. As such, you should plan to make the listed pickup time if you place an order as they are only present for a limited window. We'd like to thank Empanada Fusion for the complimentary delivery. As always, all opinions are our own.

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