Dinette Review – Pizzas and Small Plates in East Liberty

Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by Angie

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Dinette closed during the pandemic and at this time we are unsure if they will be opening back up.

Occupying a prime spot in the buzzy neighborhood of East Liberty, Dinette offers a menu that changes daily full of seasonal small plates and pizzas.

Although the pizzas sound so good and are hard to resist, we found the small plates on our recent visit to be the winner of the evening.

Dinette's Rooftop Garden Produces a Lot of the Menu

Dinette is an adorable restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Dinette has a rooftop garden where they grow seasonal produce, which on our visit included tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, shishito peppers, and figs. Our eyes were immediately drawn to dishes on the menu made with these amazingly fresh ingredients.

Although the menu changes daily, it is generally about half appetizers and small plates and the other half pizzas so we knew we had to try some of each.

Grilled peaches at Dinette

On our most recent visit we started with the grilled peaches with burrata, which was one of the best things we've eaten in recent memory.

The peaches were smokey and not overly ripe so they still had a bit of texture, which contrasted nicely with the creamy cheese.

The burrata was so milky, creamy, and rich without being overpowering so that it perfectly complemented the slightly sweet, delicate peaches. Fresh herbs, black pepper, and olive oil on top added freshness, spiciness, and fruitiness.

It was a very surprising and well-balanced dish that we almost ordered a second of on the spot.

Artisan pizzas at Dinette in East Liberty

Our pizzas sounded great on paper, but in practice could have used a bit more flavor.

While the crust was thin, crispy, and had a nice color on the bottom (a rarity in Pittsburgh), the toppings could have used some help. On our visit we tried a zucchini, chive, and bacon pie which would have done well with at least twice the amount of toppings.

Our second pie was topped with chorizo, red peppers, and greens, and definitely could have benefited from some sauce to pull everything together (sauce was lacking on both pizzas entirely, much to our surprise).

Although the pizzas were fairly tasty despite these misgivings, the average price of $14-$17 for the single serving pizzas had us wanting more for the cost*.

Or maybe it was that the grilled peaches were just that good that we wanted more.

With small plates like bone marrow, salads using rooftop and in-season produce, and pappa al pomodoro, we're already planning to make a meal out of them. We'll just pass on the pizzas when we return.

Dinette in East Liberty

Dinette was located at 5996 Centre Avenue in East Liberty and closed in 2020.

*Since our visit for this review Dinette has adopted a no tipping policy and their prices have seemingly gone up, especially for their pizzas. We cannot comment on if the size of the pizzas have changed along with the price change.

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