Bier’s Pub Review – Burgers and War Streets Beer

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Preface: Bier's Pub was formally known as Benjamin's. It was purchased in mid-2017 by our friends at War Streets Brewery. As of late 2017 the food menu has not changed; however, they have updated happy hour specials and War Streets Brewery's beer on draft. We revisited this one after the ownership change and updated our review accordingly based off of both visits.

We've heard rumors that Bier's Pub in the North Side is the place to be in the neighborhood, and our visit during a Sunday Brunch confirmed that rumor the second we walked in the door.

To put it simply, the restaurant was packed– mostly because it is one of the only restaurants open on Sunday in the North Side. Throw in the Sunday special “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” bar and you have a great reason to come in to try one of their popular burgers. Although I never drink Bloody Marys, I decided to take one for the team and join the crowd.  An entire restaurant full of happy looking patrons can't be wrong, right?

I had to find out.

Gourmet Burgers are Plentiful

Burgers at Bier's Pub

For those who know us, you know that getting a basic burger is never part of our game plan. If that is what a restaurant is famous for, fine, throw it at us. But if you offer anything gourmet, anything extreme and even odd-sounding, sign us up because we like to think that the chef knows what they're doing.

In the case of Bier's Pub, we were right in our assumption that a crazy menu item will be delicious. The menu offers burgers ranging from the simple to the extraordinary including a Candied Jalapeno burger with bacon and a sweet/savory candied jalapeno cream cheese, and a Steak House Blues burger topped with a grilled portabella mushroom, onions cooked in wine, bacon, and blue cheese (both as delicious as they sound). Add in a side of crispy home fries with onions and peppers all cooked in bacon fat, and, well, you're going to be stuffed as the portions at Bier's Pub are exceptionally large.

For those looking for a deal, visit Bier's Pub on Tuesday for their happy hour Beer, Burger, and Bourbon promotion. $12.95 gets you a national draft beer, plain cheeseburger, and a shot of bourbon. For roughly $3 more you can upgrade to a gourmet burger and beer from War Streets Brewery- a fantastic deal (pictured above)!

About Those Bloody Marys

Bier's Pub Bloody Mary Bar

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I'm not a Bloody Mary drinker. I really don't like the flavor of vegetables in my alcohol. But one look around during the Sunday Brunch told me what I must do- join the crowd and try a Bloody Mary from their make-your-own bar.

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The premise of the bar is simple. You order your favorite vodka (in this case Ketel 1 for me- a giant pour in ice for $8) and head over to the bar to make your ideal concoction. The selection that greeted me included the following:

  • Several tomato juices including plain and oddly flavored varieties (pineapple and wasabi anyone?).
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables including limes, lemons, tomatoes, chopped poblano peppers, homemade horseradish, and cucumbers.
  • A collection of hot sauces from Tobasco, Cholula, Sambal, to other homemade blends in squeeze bottles.

The array of mix-ins available is dizzying, and I had to have a bartender explain it all to me as I am a novice when it comes to this drink. My eye was set on the pineapple and wasabi tomato juice, and she recommended I throw in some lemon juice and poblano peppers to top it off- an excellent combination idea if I ever heard one.

Unfortunately, my lack of enjoying Bloody Marys got the best of me, and I wasn't a huge fan. It's not that the drink was bad, it was a really unique balance of flavors, but rather that my distaste for salty vegetable flavor in alcohol couldn't be overcome. Not a win for me, but if you consider yourself a Bloody Mary drinker of any sort, the Sunday Bloody Mary bar has a notable selection. (But for everyone else, you may want to stick to the reasonably priced draft beers instead).

War Streets Brewery Has a Home!

War Streets Brewery

Looking to go on a brewery crawl? Check out the tour options from our friends at City Brew Tours!

Going beyond the burgers and Bloody Marys at Bier's Pub, one of the true gems of this spot is that it is now home to War Streets Brewery.

The brewery had some struggles getting off the ground at their first planned location in the North Side, and now that they have a home at Bier's Pub they are starting to share some of their amazing creations with the world.

As of late 2017 War Streets Brewery still only features one or two beers of theirs on draft at any given time (with the remaining taps being split between other local breweries and national favorites), but this one throws is an added perk for visitors who are looking for a great brew with their meal or a great beer on its own!

Overall, if you're in the North Side and looking for a burger with unusual flavor combinations that work, Bier's Pub won't let you down. Just be prepared for a massive meal as the burgers and drinks are not lacking in size and come with a flavor explosion to match.

Bier's Pub is located at 900 Western Avenue in the North Side.

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