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Plan a Trip
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Point of View Statue in Pittsburgh

Are you planning a trip to visit Pittsburgh?  That is awesome!  We know that you’re going to end up really loving our city.  Since founding Discover the Burgh, we’ve published several guides to hotels, transportation options, attractions, and more to help plan your visit.  To explore our visitor guides, please click through the links below!

Hotels in Pittsburgh



Pittsburgh is home to many great hotels in Downtown, near the universities in Oakland, by the stadiums, and at the airport.  Search for hotels based on the neighborhood using the above map. As more hotels open in the city, you can be certain they’ll be featured here!

For more detailed descriptions of the neighborhoods where hotels can be found, a rough summary of prices, and more details from Discover the Burgh, we recommend checking out our Pittsburgh accommodations section.

To book a hotel during your time in Pittsburgh, click here.

Transportation in Pittsburgh

Although the city has many transportation options, the best way to get around the city is through personal car with a trusty GPS (navigating the city can be a bit of a nightmare if you’ve never been here before).  We recommend reading our Pittsburgh transportation guide which covers all of the options available from entering the city from the airport all the way to the public transportation options available.

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Things to See and Do in Pittsburgh

The one thing we love about Pittsburgh is that there is no shortage of sights to see, restaurants to eat at, or events going on.  In fact, covering all of these is the entire reason we founded this site!  Head over to our Things to Do in Pittsburgh section for the full details of all this great city has to offer.

Are you visiting Pittsburgh for the first time? We recommend checking out our Pittsburgh weekend guide to plan the best itinerary for first timers!

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